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loads to lose


Ancient Egypt Nut!
Hi I have at least 13 stone to lose, has anyone in here lost or got to lose that amount of weight. I welcome your hints , tips and how you managed to do it and how long it took you .

Hi again Sonkie:)

Have you managed to look at the Wemitts thread yet? Stands for We Mean It this Time. There are many members who have a lot of weight to lose and understand the issues that can crop up and the difficulties.

You are not alone honestly and there is loads of support on here. I myself want to lose around 8 stone.

Yeh I was just responding to the fact that a lot of people have the 6 stone to lose. I realise we all have a lot to lose but just wondering if there were any that had DOUBLE FIGURES.....(get it ...!) to lose.

I needed to lose 12st Sonkie - I've still got another 3st to go but there is an end in sight at last! Keep going and just watch those stones pile up behind you! :)
If you click on the link below, it'll take you to my photobox so you can see where I started from: I'm not anywhere near 'slim' yet but a whole lot closer than I was!
When I started I had over 13 stone to lose so know where you are at.. it's still very early days for me but if you can get even a grain of encouragement from my diary then feel free to have a read! Best advice - stick to the diet 100%, always, can't fail to lose loads that way! :D
You can do it.
Hi there!

It's daunting when you look at the weight in one big lump to lose. At my top weight I was 25stone 8lbs. I was in total shock when the doctors told me what I weighed, I had no idea!

So if I had said to myself, hmm, I need to lose 15 stone to be healthy, that would be very scary. As it is, I have lost 5 stone, so yes 10 stone to go still sounds scary. But hey, look at it this way, any weight loss is an achievement.

Start with goals of half a stone at first, then a stone etc. It makes it sound more managable. If someone had told me I would lose 5 stone, I would not have believed them, it's a miracle as I've come from a dark place with my weight. But I did it one at a time.
Start with one, it sounds far better than 13.

Sonkie, It's a daunting task love. I was so heavy our scale wouldn't weigh me, that was over 25 Stone. I've done it, I'm now 13 1/2 stone. I won't say it was easy, but it can be done, belive me. You need to find the right plan for you and go with it. Good luck. :)
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Is determined this time..
I am on the long road to loosing 10 ...this time i am not going to get disheartened after2 or 3 weeks i know it will take a while.I find the site great , when you think you can not do t , take a look at the b4 and after pix...unbelievable!!
Congrats on your weight loss jim u are like a different person ..
I have about 10st to loose so I'm in the same boat as you. It seems so daunting but I'm looking at loosing it as a percentage of my body weight.... not just the whole whopping 140lbs!!! Each 10% works out as a stone so thats nice and easy. I'm only on day 3 of CD but so far its going well...... looking forward to shedding my first 10%. Good luck x
Well good luck to you both on your weight loss journey.
So I am not alone myself in having lots to lose (around 10stone) good luck everyone we can do this!
I've got around 7 st to lose and am definitely gonna do it this time.
Baby steps is the key :)
As an added incentive i am getting sponsored to slim for a local hospice charity too, anything to get to goal.
Good luck all

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