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lol cold


on the up lol


I will do this!!!
Im sat here at the moment cooking myself in a jumper, blanket and a heater on full. My OH is complaining its too hot!!!!
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lmao -I am FREEZZZIINNGG!!! OH keeps saying 'how can you be cold?' like I'm a bloody reptile or something but the weather is cold, we have no oil AND I live on liquids -I think its understandable you know.


Mad as a Hatter
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I must admit I was freezing last nite - feet and hands like ice blocks... OH and kids were toasty and warm, so I went and put my pjs on with my dressing gown and then had my soup... still wasn't hot but felt a lot better...
Im cold also.. sat here in my lovely size small fleece :)

I thought it was something to do with ketosis but im still perma freezing so it must just be that i have less insulation that i did this time last year . I am actually off to primarni on the way home for some PJs because its too chuffing cold in bed now :(
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I have been struggling to get warm recently I work in a supermarket night shift in the chilled section so not helping just went out to an outdoor shop yesterday and stacked up on thermals!!!! OH said flat was like an oven yesterday


soon to be minnie mouse
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freezing here also, went to bed last night with fluffy sox on. dont want to get ready to go out to work plus i'm dying with a head cold.

but hey its not all bad i'm sitting here freezing but skinny


is loving the soup?!
I'm freezing almost all the time I'm in ketosis. 2 duvets at the minute, and I wrap myself up like a cocoon away from my husband, he hates it!
I remember being freezing when I used to be skinny, sitting on radiators all the time, but I'm not planning on getting as thin as that again luckily so hopefully after LT it won't be a problem.


Is thinking positive!
I am soooooooooo cold today, Just put that as my facebook update :p I have been cold for a good few days now..May have to start wearing me gloves to type from now on...:D


a new way of living!
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I have the heating on even though I am doing house work, i can barely tell the heating is on! when i stop HW I will have to get my blankey out again!

bought a great cardi jacket from miss sixty yesterday, its so warm and snuggly and fur lined!! I love it. :D
i am always hot but i always put it down to being fat!! (my own insulation layer worked a treat!) i am in ketosis but am not cold - sorry - think i am just a freak!!
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I've been cold since I started LT and that was throughout our "summer", don't know how I'll cope now winter is here!!!!! I already wear socks and pjs to bed (not a pretty sight!!!! and a defo passion killer! Lol!!!) and take a hot water bottle with me! At least I can now fit into my winter coat and do it up!!! Couldn't do that last year!!!

My mum laughed yesterday when she popped round and found me sat in my kitchen wearing a scarf and gloves and shivering over a hot coffee!!!

i am always hot but i always put it down to being fat!! (my own insulation layer worked a treat!) i am in ketosis but am not cold - sorry - think i am just a freak!!
I'm not cold either!!!LOL...:)
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Im so cold its untrue...the OH and I are getting an electric blanket tonight after WI and Im hunting down some thermals...sexy I know!

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