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lol couldnt help myself..

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No, i completely forgot it was April fools day until i read this thread :eek:. I'm surprised my son (razorblade love) hasn't pulled any tricks on me this year???? Maybe his forgot too?!



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You little monkey! Have you told him yet?


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haha.. Leah did that too.. (BG)..

Im staying in the house today.. im too scared to go outside.. lol..

x x x
omg just got of the phone to him, he is crying his eyes out... o noo couldnt tell him it was an april fool joke.. i feel a right nasty woman now :(

told him i will go docs tonight to confirm cus sometimes home tests can be wrong, plus with me having the inplant perhaps it confused the test.. (first thing that came in my head)

o god do i just text him (sure he will be mad now cus he got so upset) or just tell him later doc confirmed not pregnant inplant plays tricks.? god thats sounds stupid..

i am so gutted now.. atleast my mum and friend laughed when i said april fools..

really didnt think he would get upset like this..
omg guys what do i do? its gotton out of hand... lol i am laughing but oh isnt he is so upset and i not in leic at the mo i am in wales he just gone home for lunch and his dad is there.. he is in tears!

do i tewxt him sorry baby was an april fool joke, didint realise you would be so upset.. or shall i just ring him later today and say doc confirmed i am not, sometimes home tests can say postive when u have the inplant in?

You need to ring him and tell him, it's not fair on him otherwise!
he is going to go mad if i tell him it was april fool joke.. i know him.. cus he got so upset... i r eeally didnt think he would of gotton this upset.. ? o god what am i like.. i am just thinking of a text to send him.. my mum has offered to text him too.. urghh
Just be upfront and honest. If you are prepared to play a joke, you need to be prepared to take the consequences of it. Hope it all works out ok :)
I'm so glad it turned out ok, what a relief!
All I can say is oh dear!! I agree, though, you should be upfront and honest as you will only be worried that someone lets it slip at a later date.

Good luck!!

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