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Lolakerry Week 4 WI



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Hey don't be down, you've had a fantastic first month! Well done:D

Thornhill Cate

50+ and fabulous
Don't focus on the 3lbs, which is a good loss by the way (only 0.5lb under what we can expect to be the average weekly loss from now on), focus on the 22.5lbs in FOUR WEEKS!!!! That's fantastic. I did 24lbs in the same time and can already see such a difference in my shape and size so I'm sure you must be able to too. I'm so thrilled that I've changed this much in such a short space of time and am feeling so much better about myself. Another stone, which could be in as little as another four weeks, and I'll be able to fit into clothes in my wardrobe I haven't been able to fit in for years and some with the labels still on!! So come on, heads down for the next four weeks.
well done lola your doing fantastic, keep up the great work :) x
Thanks everyone. I think its been tougher than other weeks because Ive become obsessed with cookery programmes and have been cooking lovely "proper" dinners at home and baking wholemeal bread that I've been told is "the nicest" bread ever. I find it comforting to cook nicer dinners for the family as when I finish this I want to continue in that mode without any fried foods, weekly takeaways or fizzy drinks. The kids/other half havent had takeaway or fizzy drinks in 4 weeks and nobody is complaining! I think this diet is making me aware of more healthy options for meals. I know I shouldnt be disappointed with a 3lb loss (Im thrilled for everyone else when they lose that much) I think at the start of the diet when so much weight goes its disheartening to see the numbers coming down so much. But as the pharmacist said its 3 lbs of nasty old fat thats gone - so all is good:D


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Well done u, that's fantastic!!! X

Thornhill Cate

50+ and fabulous
Can I have the recipe for the wholemeal bread? Only for after the diet - promise!
thanks Yeye and Cate (just sent you the recipe Cate :))
well done Lola.x
Well done that is brillant!

Started Lipotrim 4/02/2011
Starting weight 17st 12lbs

Week 1 -9lbs:D:D:D 17st 3lbs
Week 2 -2lbs 17st 1lbs

Week 3 +2lbs 17st 3lbs - was on a course from work had to come off it:mad:

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