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Hiya Jodie
are you asking about cd counsellors??
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Sorry to be unclear. I am on Lighterlife and have a counsellor based at Willesden Green. I am not really getting the support that I need though, so I was just wandering where other London counsellors are...



Ah. I'm on LL but am seeing a counseller in Shepherd's Bush so that's probably not much use to you. She's within 10 mins walk of Shepherds Bush and Hammersmith tube stations. I find her really good. She has lost over 10st on LL herself and so really understands the program and its challenges and is very committed to the counselling. But at the same time, she's very clear that our success is our own responsibility and it's down to us to take these lessons and apply them to our daily lives. She's very keen on us being "in our Adult state"!
I've yo-yo dieted for a few years now and I was attracted by the counselling on LL and I've found it really worth the money. I've learnt a lot about what's going on in my head that I wasn't aware of (scary!) and have realised that the reasons I overeat aren't at all what I thought they are. I've in Development now and am really looking forward to Management as for once I believe I can learn what I need to maintain a healthy weight. My husband and GP are both delighted with my improved health. And I'm just thrilled not to be the fattest person in my office any more and to be able to buy clothes (oh, so shallow!);)
What's wrong with your counsellor? What you feel they're missing out?
Feel free to PM me if you'd be more comfortable.


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I'm seeing a lady in Finsbury Park after changing from a guy in South Norwood who I didn't see eye to eye with. The lady in Finsbury Park is great and was one of the founders of LL!! She's been working in this business for many years.

However, she doesn't exactly follow the counselling programme to the letter which may not be to everyone's taste. Personally I really enjoy the sessions and find her very supportive though.

This woman in Shepherd's Bush sounds really good!


I've found her to be really good and I do think her personal experience helps. But a lot of this is down to finding whoever works for you, I think we've all got different ways of learning.
I think it's also important to find the right location - for a lot of people, if the journey to the counsellor is too difficult , that will de-motivate them and cause them to miss groups.
Glad you found a good one too. I think anyone who's seriously unhappy with their counsellor should move to another one as we're paying a fair amount for this and also investing a lot of our time and effort and so we deserve the right support. ;)


I'm due to start on Friday so I haven't yet met my counsellor though she sounds very organised and enthusiastic on the phone. She is fairly new (lost 5- 6stone on LL last year and qualified as a counsellor in September) but a huge bonus for me is that she will be holding classes very centrally (Harley Street Wholistic Medical Centre) which I can get to on the tube on my way home from work so I shouldn't have any excuses...but I do think it must be really important to have faith in your counsellor and for them to be credible since for me the reason to go for LL as opposed to CD is to do with the CBT


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Hi Greavsie!

Im starting LL on Friday too at Harley street. Im going to the 5.30pm session, how about you? Not sure if i saw you last friday at 12.30 were you there? I was the one with the baby! lol
Anyway.... Im so excited and bet you are too! :D

Guess i'll see you there Friday! lol