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London meet

Jez & I have been discussing arranging a London meet for anyone that wants to come along and meet some of the people that have listened, offered support, advice and just generally become friends on our life changing journey!

Regardless of what stage in LL you are at, all would be welcome.

We are looking at a Sunday in January possibly 10th or 24th but nothing confirmed as of yet.

Who would be up for this?

Kat xx
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Where in London would it be?
And what would you be organising? :)
hmmm Laydee, well those two points are up for discussion I think. As for where, I guess somewhere fairly central for people to get tobut I do not live there so am not overly family with it! As for what, I wasn't thinking of any planned event particularly, I guess it depends on interest and what people fancy doing!

We are open to ideas! Bare in mind it will be January and just after Christmas & New Year so some people may be watching the pennies!

Kat xx


Playing the Angel
Yup, fun and cheap, I will scan the time out to see what is up in January. There are a few good options available, and will give it some thought when I have more of an idea of what people want to do - lol the obvious answer off course is the January Sales!!!!!




...we're sinking deeper.
I would be up for going! :D

10th is probably best for me personally because I have lots of deadlines at the end of January for assignments and such. By the 24th I'll be a panic stricken mess! Although the 3rd would be even better since I'll probably still be in my "holiday" relaxing period. ;)

And I'm sorry to suggest this - but Westfield? It's easy to get to - Shepherd's Bush tube station (provided there are no planning works on the Central Line on that Sunday...) Everyone will find something of interest there, there's lots of lovely social areas to sit and relax, and yes; above all... shopping. :)


Gotta Make A Change
im down with this ('',)
I just want to give one little tip here - pick a date soon, and stick to it......with the understanding, some will be able to come, and others will not.....

This was tried last year, and the date had wheels - it was forever changing whenever anyone said they couldn;t make a particular date, and it go t very confusing, and then never happened!! lol

So best to do is pin down the date, and hope for the best, and then another one could always be arranged if some miss out on this one.



Is back in the saddle!
I was just going to suggest the same thing BL. Having done car meets, someone has to take the initiative and it has to be immovable, even if the organiser can't go in the end!!!

There can always be other meets but it's good to know there is a definite and people can re arrange themselves around it.
Ill be up for it!!!!
I agree with the date setting definately! It is quite likely we will go with January 10th and Westfield sounds like a good plan as there (apparently) is plenty there to suit all!

Did I just make a firm arrangement? ;) lol

Sunday January 10th at Westfield it is then!

So, who is coming!?

Kat xx


Releasing the goddess
I am in! Westfield is not far from me, so how could I refuse. This is an excellent idea.
Sorry to be ignorant, but what and whereabouts is the venue?

Those who are going are all down south and I don't know London well.

I have friends in Shoreditch so it's possible I could arrange to stay, but not definite. It's expensive on the train to London so will have to check.

We are having Christmas in Greece so could be a bit tight for me. :eek:
WestField is a shopping centre in Shepherds Bush. I can probably make it!!


Is back in the saddle!
Hey Laydee, could you not also see if there are any takers for a meet up where you are? Perhaps a little further on in the year.
Pleeease don't tempt me to shop! I haven't been to Westfields yet, but maybe a baptism of fire in the post Xmas sales is the way to go! If I'm able, I will come :)

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