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Lonely goat part 3.

As from 10 a.m. today our lonely goat will not be lonely any more. Hurrah !!!

Yesterday we found a pair of goats, a castrated male and a barren female who have been left by someone going back to Germany and taken in by an English guy who has pygmy goats.

Believe me there is nothing pygmy about Francis, the male, he is a monster, the biggest goat I have ever seen. Lizzie is huge too but she is some fancy breed will post more info when I have it and some photos.

We went to see them and loved them on sight. Paul is going with a friend to pick them up at 9a.m. I am really excited.

We do not anticipate instant rapport between these 2 and our Leo. They will be wary of one another to start with but in time will be fine. They will love the freedom here as they are in an adequate but small space a present. Here tey are *free range* and have a couple of acres to play on.

What I haven't been able to bring myself to post before and am welling up now typing this is that all three of my ginger boys have died of some mysterious illness. They were only a year old and we are devastated. Having Francis and Lizzie will help take the pain away.

Rag, Tag and Bob.
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Oh Sue, I'm so sorry to hear about your cats. I hope you find some comfort in cheering up your lonely goat.
Hugs to you all xx
Oh Sue (((HUGE HUGS))),

Lovely news for the lonely goat, but so sorry for you about your boys. We had the same happen to us, we had two kittens from the same litter that lasted about a year and then died inexplicably. We heard that the same happened to the other two from the litter as well. Its so hard to understand when they are seemingly so young and full of life.

Love to you both xxx
So sorry to hear about your cats, Sue. It's devastating to lose a cat whatever age they are and for whatever reason. I've been there more than once.

Very pleased for Leo though and hope they all three settle well together. x
At the moment they are not mixing. If poor Leo tries to go to them for a chat Lizzie butts him really hard. She is a bit of a dragon with him.

Francis, Frankie from this moment on, is incredibly naughty wanting to rear up and butt us.

We are enjoying them so much.

Poor babes have had a very restricted diet they are not familiar with carrots, grapes, peaches , lettuce or melon but can hear a biscuit packet rustling from a 100 meters away. They are definitely high carb diet babes........they are loving being free range and having natural vegetation to munch on.

They will soon be pals.

I will take photos later this afternoon when it s a bit cooler
I know I am a boring old fart but I do not care!!!

I just had to let you know that all three of them are sleeping together........RESULT !!!



Lizzie and Leo.........together at last !!!

Really bad photo of Frankie.
ohhhh they are lovely....xx
Thank you. We think they are.

They are learning our way of life and begining to enjoy it.

We really like them and all 3 of them are pals now.

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