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i seriously swear i am up 2 no good !
i am not my own for at he min and me not like . house 2 empty and i am lonely miss having someone to talk to, dont know how anyone can live on their own . driving test on mon and am petrified even though i have done it about 5 times b4 every time i take test my nerves go out the window and i feel sick .
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Aww hun, it's rubbish living on your own, but then sometimes it's good!

Good luck with your test on Mon, sorry I have no wise words cos I failed twice and the 3rd time lucky I was severely hungover, infact was probably still over the limit (oh naughty me!)
I agree with ^^, sometimes being on your own is great but other times it's not so good.
I used to like being on my own but now I hate it when OH is away, how things change.
Good luck on Monday, just try to relax, take some rescue remedy and you will be fine. As for the loneliness, talk to us hun, someone is always here. xx
you,ll be fine on here with us to talk to lol- or get on the recipes section n make yourself something scrummy to eat(healthy woop woop!!) hahahah good luck on yr driving test im sure you will be fab!!!
laura xx


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I'd love some time to myself! OH is retired and always here!
Why don't you get some rescue remedy from Boots for your nerves? But not too much cos the base is brandy! (you only have a couple of drops!)
Be lonely isn't a nice feeling I get lonely when my OH is at work on lates and finishes midnight. But i took up going to the gym to help with this now so I dont feel so lonely these days.

Driving test wise I was same as you it took 7 tests to get my pinky but I got there in the end. It was always my nerves that let me down in the end I took resue remmedy, quiet life and got this hypnosis driving test cd from amazon and all combined together as well as 3 hour lessons every day 5 days before the test concentrating on test routes all helped. The thing is practice seriously. But you know what it may taken me 7 tests but I am no points on my lincince now and I have been a driver 3 years now and all my mates who passed 1st and second time have been in accidents, points so practice is really the key. The hour hour you have under instruction the better the driver if you ask me.


Wishing and hoping!
aw we all get lonely at times - just do something to take your mind of it like cook hehe good luck with driving test - i botled out with my in oct through nerves so you are brave to do it. remember the more practice at it the better you become :)
my other half went away for a week yesterday so far ive done the shopping totaly cleaned the house intend to spend rest of week with no housework to do coz it wont get dirty eating sw nice foods that he would say should you be having that watch everything on tv that i want and work my way through all the dvds he doesnt fancy lol .he was made redundant 8 months ago so is here all the time lol i intend to make the most of the peace lol (having said that its only day 2 and im already bored lol) good luck with your test im sure you will do fine xx

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Best o'luck'n'stuff with the driving test - nice of you to warn us all to stay out of your area on Monday - (hee hee ........ just kiddin' doll) ;) I'm sure you'll do fine.

My sister failed her test 4 times so went to the doctor who gave her something to calm her nerves down - she passed! She was so sure it was down to the 2 pills from the doc but it turned out to be ASPIRIN! - that's no kiddin' - so all the best! ;)

Make the most of the peace and quiet - there are a lot of us out here who would love some - we've got 10 grandchildren and we're really chuffed they've got school to go to!


Wanting Is The Key
Well guys there is a big difference in been alone, ie living alone etc. I can be alone ie on my own in home etc, but not LONELY. Loneliness is a state of mind I believes, unless ur a person who has no friends/family etc.

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