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Long Term Success Stories / Beyond Cambridge .. Any counsellors around ?


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I'm thinking about the long term here, at the moment my weight loss is going ok, (been plateauing the last three weeks :mad:) but havent jumped off of the wagon, still plodding along with SS, with the AAMW every 4 weeks, I do have a lot of weight to loose and whilst I have already lost 3 stone on this (and very happy) my intention was once I lost 4 stone (still got 2 to go to a happy medium) I was going to go through the stablisation phases, as I am REALLY frightened of putting weight back on again after this, I did WW for a while and did have some success, but because I was eating normal food I felt quite good, I know that we are supposed to gradually introduce normal food back into our diet, but I am just getting to the point where I'm really frightened that I wont be able to ever get off Cambridge, I dont want to get to the point where in order for me to stay the same weight I have to have a Cambridge pack for breakfast or something long term. Are there any people who have done this and managed to stay at their goal weight for more than 6 months ?

I'd love to hear from people who have had long term success with this or even if your a counseller who could calmn my nerves a bit. I tried mentioning this to my counsellor but she's as deaf as a bloody post, and I dont want to be repeating my concerns over and over to get a clear answer out of her, or she just by passes the question and says wishy washy answers :sigh:.

Feeling quite scared about being able to keep this weight off:cry: .. could anyone help ?
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Hiya Kate

There are quite a few long term maintainers from CD on here and I am sure one will be along shortly. I can only talk from personal experience and I am still quite a newbie to this maintaining malarky but I eat normal food, well balanced with no Cambridge packs and have maintained my weight at exactly the same 8st 11 for a couple of months now.

Please try not to worry too much, it is important that you follow the plans and take your time on them but you definately will be able to eat normally again.

Surely maintaing a certain weight just comes down to simple maths doesn't it?

Taking aside the packs we have on this diet, if you get down to this "X" weight that you're trying to achieve then you must only have to eat a sensible balanced diet to maintain it?

You know that if you go back to eating how you were then one day you'll eventually reach your old weight.

And if you cut right down on every aspect you'll stay as you are.

You won't be on this forever and you've done brilliantly thus far.

A friend of mine completed the CD over 2 years ago, losing just over 4 stone, she has maintained no probs since, and is in fact a few lbs lighter than her original goal weight. She eats what she wants, but eats slowly and chews well. As soon as she feels full she stops, apart from that she doesn't anything else.



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I know exactly how you feel as I felt the same.

I have maintained a 4 stone loss for 11 months and on the whole eat normal foods, however being a CDC it is easy to skip meals and replace them for a diet product from time to time:eek:

I think as well as adjusting calorie levels to suit the new slimmer you, you really have to look inside yourself to understand why you were overweight in the first place.

If it was due simply to having children and putting on a couple of excess stone, then maintainance can be quite easy.

If however your weight problems are due to emotional eating, especially if you have been overweight from childhood then it is vital to face these emotional issues, or the old habits will just come back.

CBT and hypnotherapy can help in these circumstances.

I hope this has helped and I haven't made you worry more. I am an emotional eater and I'm managing, I'm sure you will too.


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