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Long time no post... but I have some news :)

Discussion in 'Dukan Diet' started by petal91, 6 January 2014 Social URL.

  1. petal91

    petal91 Well-Known Member

    Hi all!
    So very very long time no post!
    I had quite a hard 2nd half of 2013. As some of you will know (if you remember me) i started Dukan on 12/12/12. Yes, just two weeks before Christmas! However, i stuck by it religiously for 6months and had lost 57lbs :) good- but not yet tw.
    I went on hols, put on 1.5lb. Came back and did 5days of attack which took me through it and my weightloss continued.
    However, my health took a bad turn in the second half of 2013 and i put on 7lbs. However, i picked myaelf up and got back on the wagon. I am now at tw and have been for just under 2months :)
    I am not as religious on this phase as i was o the others but not a single pound has gone on, even though i was naughty over Christmas.
    I love being very low carb so i dont think i will ever eat a mainly carb diet again- my body feels so much better without them!
    Anyway, i am waffling as per usual... just an update and an encouragement for those who are feeling it will never happen. It took 11months but my goodness i feel amazing for being 80lbs lighter! It was so worth it taking longer of a plan which changed my lifestyle rather than on a fad diet.
    Oh shush now Petal, you're getting on your own nerves!! :)
    Good luck, keep going and you WILL feel the benefit.
    I am starting TurboFire to tone myself up now- my issue iw no longer fat but very very lose skin!! :)
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  3. Bonkers

    Bonkers Well-Known Member

    Congratulations Petal! That's an amazing achievement :clap:

    I hope to get there one day ...
  4. MiniBean

    MiniBean Well-Known Member

    Wow! Congrats! You're a real inspiration! :)
  5. sididd

    sididd Well-Known Member

    Fantastic Petal xxx great motivational post to newbies and oldie xxx glad your health's improving congratulations on TW and you know we love a bit of waffle on hear xxx
  6. petal91

    petal91 Well-Known Member

    Bonkers you will definitely get there!!
    I am not an inspiration, i am jist proof that Dukan works... and that it can work for anyone!

    Everyone is so fed up of me preaching Dukan at them! I have a massive speech that i give to everyone about how everyone believes that it is fat that makes you fat. Then i go on forever about how people dont realise how much sugar and carbohydrates contribute to obesity... blah blah blah!
    So there is one downside to being a 'Dukan-ist'. . . I dont think i have many friends anymore :p haha
  7. petal91

    petal91 Well-Known Member

    How are you doing sididd?! :) x
  8. Bonkers

    Bonkers Well-Known Member

    Hahahahaha! You just echoed practically everyday of my life! I now run into more ppl who have started noticing the change and oh I can go on and on about dukan and fruit sugar and carbs and good fat!!!

    I never know how to get them to understand that cutting out fruits has not hurt me one bit. That it's made me better even!

    How bad is the skin? I know at the end of the day there it will mean nothing in comparison to the way I look and feel (at least fully clothed :p). But I still brush myself down and moisturise everyday hoping that it helps with lessening the damage! If nothing my skin looks and feels amazing :).
  9. sididd

    sididd Well-Known Member

    Still Trying Petal, trying to shift a stone, on day 2 of attack and lost 1.5lb whoop xxx
  10. Maintainer

    Maintainer ** Chief WITCH **

    Lovely to read you Petal... You mention having lost friends? (Would it be because of the bad breath? Or the nasty smelling flatulence after an overdose on sugar free sweets?) ;)
    I too had/have issues about giving up fruit but I keep telling myself, and others too, that fruit was very low on my menu plan when off on a bender anyway so I didn't eat it then either!
  11. DamCil

    DamCil New Member

    Amazing. What an inspiration! I have just started (Monday) and am a total newbie to dukan. You've given me the encouragement to go for it x
  12. ReikiLady

    ReikiLady Well-Known Member

    Inspirational, thank you :) and well done!!! Xx
  13. brionybriony

    brionybriony Member

    I actually read that eating fruit isn't anywhere near as important as eating veg. A ton of veg will do wonders for your skin - as will drinking all that water! I think the government just recommends fruit because its sweeter than veg so more people are likely to eat it.

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