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Looby Lew's RTM bits and bobs

Hi All
just back from mylast foundation WI and first RTM group so am all hyped up to start day 1 of RTM tomorrow.
I did some shopping today so am all set for a lovely piece of Scottish Salmon Fillet for tea tomorrow - can't wait!
My son is all excited I'm allowed to "eat food" again and thinks we are having a party to celebrate! Bless him he's only 6 and has been my external conscience for the last 14 weeks ....maybe I'll let him pull some of the extra crackers and we can do party hats and stuff!!!!
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you have done great!
enjoy your salmon
daisy x


Happy in my own skin


Gotta Make A Change
Welcome to the wierd and wonderful
world of RtM :D
Thanks guys!

16 December 2009 - day 1

wow did I enjoy my dinner tonight:D
Came home from work and set about getting the tea on ...son wanted to help so he seasoned the fish and put it in the oven. We pulled some crackers and granny and son had salmon with potatoes and veg but I was more than happy with my delicious moist salmon - it was fab!
I savoured every mouthful and felt very full and satisfied afterwards.
Dogs are walked, son is bathed and in bed so I'm going to wrap some christmas presents for an hour or so then sit down to a nice mug of coffee and my peanut bar .....mmmmmmm.
Best part is I had to buy 2 x twin packs of salmon fillets so I get to have another one tomorrow - yippee!


Playing the Angel
Congrats Looby and well done you!! This is the start of such an exciting time, and food is just amazing!!! Especially the simple things. I am so looking forward to reading your posts about your journey.

Yay Looby! Welcome to RTM and well done on Day 1!

Kat xx
I had salmon first meal too! Even though I had never tried it before and had a fish allergy which I appear to have lost along with my weight ;)

I still love salmon and have it a couple of times a week!

Kat xx


I will do this!
so pleased to See you here looby, one of our September stunner's, won't be long before me and ladyee will be joining you here! x
hey Gemma - I'll be here waiting for you to join in with RTM. Will still continue to post on the september thread - I love hearing how everyone is doing.

Day 2 - much the same as day 1 really except was a little later with dinner . Son had been to a party after school so wasn't really hungry so we did some shopping then walked the dogs so we didn't have to go out in the cold again after dinner.
I had some lovely salmon again but I did find myself replying to an e-mail on my blackberry half way through my meal. I gave myself a telling off - I need to pay attention to what I'm eating and when I am full !
Day 3
Today was christmas lunch at work so a bit different from the previous 2 days which are more typical of my normal routine.
I had some turkey, a few carrots & parsnips and 2 sprouts ...that's my yearly allowance of sprouts done for this year LOL!
I know I shouldn't be eating veggies just yet but I'm not going to worry too much about that given the time of year. I know that could herald the start of a slippery slope but it was a meal cooked by the partners for the staff and someone else was doing the main course so I'd have felt really bad taking my own salad with me.
I'm also eating out tomorrow and monday but have arranged places where I know I can have chicken or fish and salad so I should be fine. I'll be driving too - not that drinking is a big issue for me but at least it gives me an excuse so I don't feel pressured into it.


I will do this!
well done looby, sounds like you are doing well :D


Gotta Make A Change
keep going
your doing well :D
and welcome to the world of rtm as ive said before :D
Thanks Gemma & Ken - for the minute I'm enjoying the toe dip back into the world of food and am relaxed as I still have the safety net of 3 packs a day ...may change when I get further down the line depending on how stable the scales are!
Day 4
went to the Panto tonight ...Pinnochio ...never seen that one before! Went for tea first to an italian restaurant. Granny & son shared garlic bread with cheese but although it smelled lovely I happily waited. I had thought i'd have chicken and a green salad but went for tuna and salad instead ...I really enjoyed it just dressed with some lemon juice and black pepper. Was amazed how filling it was and stopped well before plate was empty.
panto was good and son had fun so a good night all round.
Tomorrow off to Edinburgh Christmas markets & winter wonderland so will probably have my meal at lunchtime nd take my bar with me.
eating out again monday night then that's almost my first week done .....and with 3 meals out I hope I'm not dissapointed at WI on tuesday - no reason I should be I guess!
Day 5
was a bit of a disaster on the planning front today but all went well with food in the end!
Breakfast as normal as had planned a trip to deliver pressies about an hour away that got delayed a bit due to the snow in the morning. That meant we were there over lunchtime and of course I had forgotten to take something with me. Was offered ham rols and cake so politely refused ....but at least son got fed!
Got home around 3:00 had some chilli then out the door again to go into Edinburgh to see the christmas markets etc.....managed to walk past all the food stalls - hurrah but forgot it was a sunday so just missed a train home and had an hour wait in the station while a blizzard raged outside!!!! Thank goodness for M&S ....bought a packet of cooked chicken to munch on. Not quite the chilli prawns and sald I had planned but I definately needed the food as we didn't get home until around 9:30.
I managed and although I had planned my food for the day - I need to be more prepared when things go a bit wrong!!!
Day 6 ....
and another meal out !
I swapped my normal supper bar with my meal so that I wouldn't be too desperate for food by the time of the meal.
Menu selection wasn't great for me soI ended up having a grilled gammon steak and salad ...not too disastrous although ahead of plan for the gammon.
For the first time I had an upset tum and a rush for the little girls room about an hour after eating!!!!! ...makes a change from rabbit droppings but not pleasant! Will give gammon a miss for a few weeks now!
Looking forward to next meal as I will actually be in the house and fully in control of what I have - hurrah!
Day 7
No issues today. Had green salad with balsamic vinegar & lemon dressing with flaked smoked salmon for tea.
RTM group in the evening - lost 2lbs taking me to target so am well chuffed.
Roll on tomorrow and sugar free jelly!

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