Look at this poor lad

Discussion in 'News' started by Jim, 8 January 2009 Social URL.

  1. Jim

    Jim Big Boy

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  3. Barb

    Barb Gold Member

    It's nothing short of tragic Jim. Makes you wonder where social services or doctors were whilst this was happening to this boy. What about schooling? I know it's another extreme American story but it is very scary all the same.
  4. DQ

    DQ Queen of the Damned

    An awful situation for both of them - I hope she gets some counselling help, and he keeps up the good work - down to 30 stone already :clap:
  5. Jim

    Jim Big Boy

    I know he's young but he's had no life yet has he
  6. Barb

    Barb Gold Member

    He is doing well, but gosh what a battle. I still don;t understand how such a young person got to that state. I've not seen the programme but the clips are bad enough. The sight of his Mother feeding him burgers in his hospital bed! How mad is that? Again, why weren't the medical staff monitoring him and his intake? Surely by then his Mum could see what she was doing? I just hope he can continue to turn his life around, he is so young, it's a wicked waste if he doesn't.
  7. cateka

    cateka Full Member

    It shocked me to hear on the news the other day that they are going to consider making obesity in minors a form of child abuse.

    Considering? Whats there to consider fools?!
  8. Glenbo

    Glenbo Full Member

    Links not working,isn't this the 60 stone boy who was on tv? I blame his mother really because she said on TV she fed and fed and fed him as a baby,toddler,child and now teenager.

    I think thats just wrong,i have 4 children and feed them 3 meals a day and snacks and they are all good weight,even if they were slightly over they would never get to this without feeding them about 10 tiems a day on a seriously unhealthy diet!!

    Child abuse IMO,the mum must be 25-30 stone easy her self,shes a big lady and obviously transfered her eating habits and lack of exersize on to him.

    I feel sorry for the boy big time.
  9. Maffie

    Maffie Full Member

    Gosh seems like both mother and son need support
  10. Sajane

    Sajane Member

    Totally agree with you, nothing more than abuse!
    But then again the teenager must of become aware of his huge weight as he grew older so why has he continued with his bad ways, i guess as he has known no different.

    Such a sad story, and i'm sure there are many more unreported cases out there :(
  11. Glenbo

    Glenbo Full Member

    Yeh probably but if he was already horrendously fat he would 'need' the food like a crack addict needs crack :p

    The damage had already been done.

    Plus he is only 16,girls grow up alot quicker than lads....when i was 16 i was still a kid in my head :p a 6ft,4" kid :D
  12. John1985

    John1985 Member

    Poor lad?!
  13. Glenbo

    Glenbo Full Member

    Well yeah,if you feed your kids like you would feed a elephant everyday,thats what happens.

    16 is not old enough to be responsible for what you eat...i used to live off chinese and kfc etc...

    AT 27 i have only just started being responsible for my weight and understanding the effects certain things have.
  14. Jim

    Jim Big Boy

    Exactly mate, that's why it's a parental responsibility.
  15. Rela

    Rela Wannabe Lean!!!

    That poor boy, me and a friend saw this on TV the other day and were both blown away. I mean I had heard about 'feeders' and people keeping others fat and dependent, but never have I seen such a prime example!
  16. xkawaiix

    xkawaiix Full Member

    I don't think its entirely mum's fault - although giving him burger meals in bed is a somewhat stupid. If mum is obese too its highly likely that there is a genetic predispostion anyway. Put it this way, even if my mum had put 10 beefburgers in front of me as a child there is no way I would have eaten them! Clearly this child had abnormal eating habits to begin with were made worse by his mother's desire to dote on him in anyway possible. Many parents overfeed their children but the difference is the children just stop eating when they are full.

    This mum has made a massive mistake pandering to her son's every whims. Shes done him a huge disservice. At the same time son must now be aware he is vastly overweight so surely he would have wanted to cut down o_O
  17. mushroom

    mushroom Full Member

    saw this programme last night, he is actually nineteen. the mother lost a child 18 months old and then had him, she reffers too him in baby ways, and treats him as such.
    looked too me like she needs help as well, i was amazed looking at the surgery being done, the way they sliced off most of his belly (they had to , to get to the stomach) that weighed 5 stone alone.

    i really hope and pray he manages too loose some more weight and starts living life, looks like he has been deprived of one so far

    xx god bless him
  18. cateka

    cateka Full Member

    I can't understand it... I don't have children myself but it sounds as though its pretty straightforward to get them into a healthy routine - Cook them a healthy meal. If they don't eat it... they don't eat at all. Few children have the stamina to go on hunger strike just to get a burger.
  19. Glenbo

    Glenbo Full Member

    It is Cat^ I have 4 (had them all young) and have no problems,infact i have trouble getting them to eat!
  20. Purple Hugs

    Purple Hugs Loves weight.. training!

    I am right there with you Barb.. this is awful and the parent(s) should be held accountable. :mad:

    Really hope the help he's getting helps him mentally too so he can get out of his home and sort his own life out poor bloke.
  21. donnax658

    donnax658 New Member

    It is very sad......lets hope he now gets the help he needs to get him back on track xx
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