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Look for Low syn Dumplings

Discussion in 'Slimming World Recipes' started by Jack_D, 29 October 2010 Social URL.

  1. Jack_D

    Jack_D Full Member

    Is there a recipe out there, for low syn dumplings

    I have in the Slow Cooker a Beef Stew, and i just love to hava a dumpling or two with it......

    and i am thinking at the "normal" dumplings will be very high in syns...

    Anyone got any ideas
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  3. knitter

    knitter Chocaholic

    I did have a recipe for ones with couscous, cottage cheese, an egg and herbs. Can't remember quantities but you make up couscous as normal, add cottage cheese, beaten egg and seasoning. Form into balls and microwave for 5 mins. Then add to stew/casserole for 20 mins. They turned out very stodgy but tasty and nothing like the real thing!
  4. Mel2

    Mel2 Silver Member

    I made some with cooked couscous, whisked firm egg white, salt, pepper and fresh herbs once. Don't know the measurements now but easy enough to judge by eye I think. Fold the couscous etc through the meringue then drop in blobs on top of your stew and leave to steam witht he lid on for 15 mins.
  5. teresa32uk

    teresa32uk Silver Member

    I am sure i saw in one of my recipe books atora suet mix dumplings were not to bad i guess they must b small though.
    I have found it

    110g Atora dumpling mix mixed with 2 tablesppons of cold water, and some chopped parsley. Divide into 8 balls, and drop on to stew for 20-25 mins. 4.5 syns per portion = 2 dumplings.

    Didnt think this was too bad
  6. Maximus

    Maximus Gold Member

    I prefer to make my own rather than any mix - can have full control and measure;)

    I'm looking at a way to do mince and dumplings too - the problem is the syn value of both the flour and especially the suet. Vegetable suet is better than beef suet without much difference in taste apprarently.

    I've also been advised to try and amend the mix - so instead of 1 part suet to 2 parts flour try 1:3 or even 1:4 - not sure as I have not tried it yet, but will do. If it is not the same or as good, then I'll just return to the norm and ensure my whole 15 syns in one evening meal's dumpling;)


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