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looking for a bit of advice

i am looking for a bit of advice. i want to loose weight so badly, but i have a few obstacles:

- not being prepared
- not enough money for loads of fresh food
- my boyfriend

i never know how to prepare for a diet. should i throw all bad foods out? should i stock up on good foods and see how i go? or would a meal plan work better?

fresh food is expensive and i am a student who can't afford to buy it because it goes off so fast. what are some tips for incorporating fresh food or where to find it cheap?

my boyfriend doesn't need to loose weight and we eat most of our meals together. he loves cheese with everything and its so hard not to get carried away along with him. he also loves big portions and i find myself trying to make normal sized portions for us, but he complains. i don't know how to make us the same meals but healthier.

it's so hard to get things right, i just want to be successful this time :(
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A lot of the super markets have special offers on on fruit and veg just now, so just keep an eye out on tv ads etc for what is cheap.

If you find something you like that is on special buy it and cook it then freeze it in individual portions. The fresh food is just as good for you if you freeze it.

Not sure if you are the same as me but when I was a student I always had money at the start of term and then nothing at the end of term. If this is the case then again bulk buy when you have money and freeze things.

Hope this helps and good luck!


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Meant to say, can you not just make your meal and give him a bigger portion???

If him eating cheese etc is a problem then talk to him about it and explain it is difficult for you!!
starlight - yeah, i am planning on following weight watchers.

missg - i never knew that fresh food is just as good when frozen, thanks. i am gonna have a chat with my bf and say the cheese has got to be restricted. its just so tempting, food of the devil!


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hey, unfortunately it's all about willpower and you'll probably find that if youre in the right frame of mind it'll be less difficult to resist. if you explain your problem, i'm sure your boyfriend will support you.

make things that you'd normally put cheese on and make him add his own afterwards. or buy half fat cheese if you absolutely HAVE to have it! there are simple compromises.

as for the portion sizes - sod what he eats! it's easy to control your own, and try and eat your smaller portion in the time it takes him to eat his big one. that way you'll notice yourself filling up and he wont have any left on his plate when you've finished yours (i always find that a killer!)

definitely freeze things. i always do that - make a massive batch of turkey chilli with loads of fresh veg in it, then put it in individual tupperware tubs to defrost and eat at a later date.

you could make snack sized portions as well, for a quick fix if you are feeling peckish.

good luck with your weightloss, and if you ever feel as if youre falling off the wagon - us miniminners are here to pick you up and tell you to 'move away from the cheeese!'

take care & bonne chance!

rhuba x
I was pretty much in the same boat!
My boyfriend is a mans man, and he loves steaks, pizzas, and anything that will pretty much combine the two. He'll drink a gallon of milk in a day if I let him.

I just buy stuff for me that I know he doesn't like. He hates anything light, and raw veggies or tuna, egg subs, or almonds. Anything thats healthy. :]

You dont have to overload yourself on fresh items, or go to expensive specialty stores. If you have a smaller local store, support them.
Buy a few fresh items at a time like leafy greens and veggies with fiber. Fruits that will help curve your sweet tooth like strawberrys and raspberrys. You'll also want to try filling foods that are low cal but have lots of protien like, boiled chicken breast, egg whites, almonds, tuna, skim milk.
Reading the labels will help you make wise choices also. Don't be afraid to stand there and compare lables.

You also have to really be in the mind set to say "Hey, Im loosing this weight, and Im doing it for me. No questions." And stay totally commited. That is really the key, being commited to the success. If you were at the size you want to be previously, put some of those pics of you up. Write motivation notes to yourself, make a weight loss chart. Remember that saying "Out of site, out of mind"? If you have some kind of object out that says "Heyo remember your goal!" Your gonna get there and stay dedicated to it.

I hope I gave you enough tips! :]