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Looking for a buddy - I have 100+ to lose

Hey leila and mariah thanks I'm sure we can all help each other get through the hard times. I've just gone to bed to save me raiding the kitchen and to be honest i can't imagine keeping this up for weeks and months. But the benefits are so worth it i have to commit this time.
Hello :) yeah it is really hard but (and I know everyone says it) you do get used to it and it does become easier. When I first started I didnt think i would have the willpower to be able to get through the first day let alone the first week without any food but I just keep thinking on how i'm doing something positive in the long run and how much i'm changing already and it keeps me going. Have a good night's sleep and I hope it's easier for you tomorrow x

I know im feeling like that tonight but feeling positive about doing this , just had a big glass of water as I was thinking id love to eat something and it seems to have worked xx :)
Morning girls - feeling much more positive this morning. Working this morning then determined to clear out the kitchen and tackle a real deep clean. I may even turn into the girl with the tidiest house (unlikely?) What techniqurs do you use to keep busy and divert the mind?
Morning, glad your feeling better today! I like cleaning so Ill pop my ipod on and hoover, wash, iron away and that normally keeps me busy for a long time - hope that kind of helps
Hi Mariah ... whats a tetra? I dont think i've had one of those before? Could you chew on some sugar free gum to try and take the taste away a bit? (I have before and it hasn't affected my loses and makes me feel less like I will knock someone out with my breath!!) x
Just about to whiz up a strawberry tetra with some ice for a change. I'm only on tetras this time round i really didn't get on wit the soups, porridge (yuk) and powdered shakes. Then see what I've got taped on the tv. My bh always goes out to the pub on saturdays and my 2 daughters will be out with their boyfriends so i' ll have the house to myself to chill. Anyone doing anything more exciting?
I know what you mean about the porridges it made me gag :D I wish I could have the house to myself to chill out, I have to sit and watch my sister eat fish n chips and not put on a once of weight whereas I only need to look at them and I put on the weight!! Btw - what does BH mean? x

I dont know if u can have gum , I thought tetras were a sweet or something kept hearing about the chocolate one then found out they were cartons , ive just cooked a fish pie for my daughter , I only give her fresh home cooked food dont want her getting huge like me ha ha and i find the cooking no prob at all.
personally I have been ok with it - it hasn't affected my loses and I have read other people have used it too. I think the only reason why it is not recommended is because it makes your body feel like its going to intake food but Ive found that it helps when other people are eating to just have a quick chew and it helps my breath too! x
Bh means better half except that isn't strictly true! how old are you both? I'm seriously old ..... 52 ..... can't really believe it myself. Its true that you never really feel older_ its just body's moved on to an age I'm seriously uncomfortable with! One of my girls emded up staying in with me and we've had a riotous eveving playing frustration and dominoes- hilarious and very childish. I can definitely recommend it to take your mind off food. Now i'm watching When Harryet Sally with one of my dogs snuggled up on the sofa. This diet is not too bad. Hope you both had a good day today.
You're so good cooking for your daughter. I've told my husband and daughters that they have to shop and fend for themselves. They haven't mastered the washing up though. How old is your daughter and is it just you and her or do you have a partner to look after as well? I'm off to bed, another day completed without any food - I don't understand how i can do this bjt not control how much i eat normally.

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