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I’ve just started Diet Chef yesterday, and am finding it lovely so far. I’m looking for a diet buddy to help keep me accountable with the diet, have chats with, updates, etc. to help us both stay on track!

I live near Birmingham, and if you’re in the area, we can meet up in person. If not, then someone for online accountability, weight updates, etc. I’m currently 11 and a half stone. Just walking 20 minutes every day, I managed to get down from 13 and a half stone to 12. Then I lost 7 lbs with Cambridge diet, but the lack of real food really got me down. So now trying Diet Chef and hoping it will work a treat! If you’re interested, get in touch!
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Hiya Ragdoll :D
Im not in Birmingham but am able to get online most days if you want to have a chat and keep on track with the Diet Chef programme.
I am into my 5th week now and have lost 17lbs so far.
I am combining this with lots of gym classes too.
How are you finding the food? I love it and am not getting bored which is a nice change!
I switched from CD due to some medical issues and it was probably the best thing I have done! I feel so much better now and my losses are bigger too.
Sarah x


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Hello, My name is Estelle and I am just starting today. I plan to lose about a stone, then another 7 pounds. :rolleyes:
So far this morning have had the granola which was pretty good considering I do not generally eat breakfast, never mind cereal. lol. Gonna try pea and ham soup for lunch, and beef meatballs with asparagus side for dinner. Went on to fitday.com to log in my meals and weight etc. Pretty cool site for monitoring. Well wish me luck. Estelle


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Im starting diet chef tomorrow morning, I too need someone to be able to e-mail cause I have zip will power. I have done it before for a bit so doing it again. Let me know if your interested in being my diet buddy and i can post you my e-mail address. I have a fair bit more than you to loose but it might be fun!

Good luck

s x


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I just started diet chef this week, the food has been alright so far, a bigger variety than I would normally have! The bars were a shock, didn't think I would like them but they are better than they look. I have had the treacle and pecan granola today, parsnip and chilli soup the chilli con carne tonight.

what is nice is the portion sizes, I never really knew how much I was over eating and hopefully this will help me once I've lost the weight to keep it off.

What is everyones favourite meal so far?