Looking for stress reduction techniques and simple exercises


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I am trying to put together about 11 weeks of simple stress management routines... a different technique for each week. I already have the following ideas for stress reduction:

-Turning off the news (this helps to stave off depression as well).
-Keeping a journal - recording the most humorous things that happened to you during the day.
-Breathing Exercises.

I am also looking for simple exercise routines for busy people. I would like assistance in coming up with some other techniques that can significantly reduce personal stress.

Thank you for your kind assistance :)
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I personally deal with my stress by jogging as hard and fast as I can. I used to deal with it with food but I'm not doing that anymore.

Breathing helps too, there are all sorts of exercises for that.

Good luck :)


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I use meditation/hypnosis cd's and plug myself into my personal stereo when I go to bed. There are lots on Amazon , and of course ebay!