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Looks like things are slowing down

I've just done a Wii Fit and it's showing a loss of 3lbs since my last WI which was on Thursday. So I can't see any more coming off by tomorrow...

Still, 3lbs is 3lbs so I'm not complaining, and I knew things would slow down at some point. I might have a look at coming down a plan.

And my three days away with the kids has turned into a week, so that will probably be a killer lol
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There's still another day Jim, you could lose another pound by then which will take you to the same level as week 5. Even if it *is* three pounds, that's bloody good and if you look at your losses as a whole they are amazing! Have a fabby time with your kids :)


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Ohhhhh I get weighed tonight Jim and I hope and pray I've lost 3lb, I would be thrilled to bits


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Jim, mate. So long as you are losing it is all gravy. And not just that, even if you arent losing weight but the clothes are getting looser. Thats all gravy too.
True enough. Like I say, I've kind of been waiting for the slowdown, knowing it's coming but now it seems to be arriving it's a bit annoying lol

Still, as long as it keeps coming off!
That's the right attitude. A loss is a loss and a 3 pound loss is a marvellous loss. Well done!
hi jim, its strange I was looking at a lot of peoples weigh ins and alot of people seem to have a slow loss in week 7 or 8. I myself had the same think it was 2 and 3/4 one of those weeks, I was still happy with the loss but not overly thrilled! However the next week I lost 6lb. Think its just your body getting used to all that weight you have lost... It will probably speed up again!
I cant believe how well you have done your losses are amazing! Well done you! Men eh! haha
3lbs is a good loss! and you never know your cdc's scales might show more, and yes a 1lb loss in the next day could be achieveable.

read the other post going about today about fat, 1lb= 1 blobby grapefruit size of fat! thats 3 whole grapefruits you have lost!! lol! i love this idea, keep motivated!! :)
I posted a message yesterday about losses slowing down, although 3lb is fabulous for a slow week! Hopefully it will pick up next week for us! X
Lunarjim- You've lost 55lbs in 7 weeks, that's alot quicker than most people! 3lbs is still a good loss......well done x


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i always lose all my weight in the last day or 2....odd i know but thia is why i stopped weighing myself mid-week!
See what happens today...!
Fingers crossed for another couple of pounds off for you


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good luck for your weigh in today...... Your losses have been great so far.. but even if you do lose 3 lbs today its still a great loss!!!!
Well done you.. your doing fab x

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