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loony's lunatic weight loss goal

:D hi all, new to here but not new to sw.
I've decided that I want to get married in 2012, specifically 29th July as it's mine and the OH 18th anniversary of when we met.
I've always been a big ish girl but the weight since meeting Oh and moving in together has crept on over the years.
I always vowed I would never go above 20 stone and 6 years ago I was exactly that so I joined SW again and in 12 weeks I lost 2 stone :D at last I felt as if I was really getting somewhere and I could see that i might get to that elusive 10 stone.
Then fate stepped in and even though I was using the copper coil I became pregnant.
They couldn't remove it so I had to leave it in and had a very stressful pregnancy as it gave a 50/50 chance of me miscarrying.
Thankfully the little one is here :family2: adding to our brood, but it did nothing for my weight as I put the 2 stone back on and then some :mad:
I rejoined sw on the 9.2.11 and first week I lost 2.5 and 2nd week 1.5 but I have totally lost the plot this last week so I have decided to throw myself into it properly.

So by my current estimation I have ideally 10 stone 6 lb to lose, i would like to lose at least 5 stone of that this year.

I've joined a gym, got loads of recipe books and I'm gonna start planning.

no more excuses, no more ah just for today I'm off plan,
life is passing me by and i've allowed it to happen so no more
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Trying again in 2012
Hi Looneylamb, nice to 'meet' you and look forward to getting to know you better! It sounds like you have a plan and you know what to do, now we just have to take it one day at a time, 1 lb at a time and eventually we will get there!
Good luck xxx
good start i hope

thanks cherry pie, it's sometimes so hard at the beginning to ever see that I'll lose all this weight, but I never thought at the beginning of my degree that I'd finish the 1st year nevermind complete it all.

I weigh in on a wednesday night so I started afresh on thursday morning.
so my days looked like this


B - 2 weetabix (1HEB) and milk (1HEA)
L - Jacket potato and cheese (1HEA)
T - Spaghetti bolognaise (soya mince, passata, mushrooms, onions, courgettes, sweetcorn, tinned toms, oxo cube, garlic, ickle bit of chilli powder)

1 aldi harvest bar (light one) (0.5 of my HEB)
whiskey for hot toddy (not feeling well very bad cough) 4 syns
walnut whip 8.5 syns
butter for jacket potato 3.5 syns

so total syns for today is 16 but I'm counting them over the course of the week so that is 16/105


i just restarted (FOR THE LAST TIME :rolleyes: ) 2 weeks ago, and am about the same weight as you, so link arms and we'll do it together! :talk017:

I lost 5 stone years ago and put it all back on and then some to keep it company :sigh: Now i am at the heaviest I have ever been and ..IT'S GOT TO GO :)

I look forward to chatting with you and following your progress.

Good luck!
i've got that friday feeling

:wave_cry:hi I'm in pain, I've had my contaceptive implant out and the coil put in at the same time !!!!!!!

however if it stops my body thinking it needs to hang onto my fat cos of the implant it will be worth it.

so feeling sorry for myself today even though it's self inflicted

so friday was another green day and it went a little something like this

B - apple, banana.
L - Jacket potato and beans with salad
T - Savoury rice (1syn) 2 frylite eggs

2 slices wholemeal bread toasted (2 x HEB)
slice of bacon (2 syns)
low fat spread for toast (3 syns)
butter for jacket pot (3.5 syns)
toffypop (3 syns)
digestive cream (3 syns )
Sugar (2 syns)
popcorn (4 syns)

so that takes my total syns so far to 36.5/105

:wavey: hi rainbow rose welcome and thanks for popping in, I'm sure this is gonna be the last time for me and i hope it is for you too, if only it was as easy to take off as it was to put on we'd all wander around in bikini's all day showing off
Hi Loony Lamb

I have 8.5 stone to lose so like you would like to lose 5 of that this year.We can do it!!!!
Hi Loony Lamb

I have 8.5 stone to lose so like you would like to lose 5 of that this year.We can do it!!!!
of course we can for inspiration I often look at capricorn's diary, she's lost a massive 8 stone doing it herself at home without even going to class and to me she is an absolute star
week 1 and it's a good un

:D I am happy to report that I have lost 2lb this week yay !!!!!
I've stuck mainly to plan all week but I haven't recorded what I was eating every day which has left me unsure how many syns I've had etc
so goal this week is to post food diary in here every day to help me keep track.

at class we are doing a 12 week challenge with a different challenge each week, this week is to drink 2 litre's of water every day, now I never do it as I don't really like the stuff and over the years I've got into the habit of not drinking and DP likens me to a camel, so this is the perfect opportunity to change that bad habit.
I've also joined the March challenge and set myself a goal of losing 10lb so I'm off to change my siggie then I'll post me food diary up


Silver Member
Well done! :)

Have a great week this week!

well so much for posting every day, it's been hectic at work and we have a new senior who seems to always arrive at the office when I'm trying to get a sneaky 5 mins on here to post so I never get the chance :mad:

happy to report that I lost 3.5lb at WI this week so I'm really happy, hoping to build on that and lose 2 this week to get my half stone award.

so today so far is a red day and I will get on later and post what I've had even if i have to wrestle the internet from DD


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keep it up :) hugs
well done loony lamb Keep it up xx
2 months lost at sea

well, what happened, I've had two months off plan for no other valid reason than totally losing motivation and as a result I've put more weight on.
so i'm slowly easing myself back into it and making little changes.
on the plus side I've handed my notice in at work (at the job I hate) and should be starting my new job in june.
it's also closer to home and should knock a minimum of 40 mins off my travelling time each day :D
so for now little changes while i get over this cold and get this job done and dusted then jump straight back into it properly.
lower than ever

:wave_cry: well where to start, what should have been one of the happiest days of my life, has left me feeling so low I really just wish I could die.
After a long hard struggle I finally graduated on friday last week, then on sat I saw the pictures my OH put on facebook that he'd taken.
I don't have a full length mirror in the house and I don't look when i see my reflection in shop windows, but there was no denying what I was seeing and although I know my OH and children love me all I can see is someone hideous staring into the camera.
Last week after issues at work with fluid retention (i sit down all day in my job, the chairs I'm using seem to make the problem worse and the heat in the building is ridiculous) I weighed in at 22 stone and 2lb.

I feel so low I've spent most of the weekend feeling really down and crying, I haven't even got the energy to get back on the SW wagon.

I'm a girl who likes to be in control but I've even give that up to hubby who (bless him) has been researching on the internet about what my daily calorie intake should be and he's devised a meal plan to fit in with it.

at this time cos I see no other way out I'm going along with it in the hope i can kickstart some weight loss.

if i put on more i don't know what i'll do, i had hoped that by taking out my implant I would find it easier to lose weight but the reverse has happened, I wasn't dieting but I wasn't eating unhealthily either yet i've put on over a stone.:cry:

i am going to try and go cycling tonight and hope it goes better than the four hour walk last week that totally crippled my feet.

I just hope i can turn this around.
oh hun, so sorry you are feeling so low. i wish i could say something to make you feel better but i also know that feeling. i sometimes look at myself and wonder how it would even be possible to lose the amount i need to (started off needing to lose 100lb, down to 80lb now) but i tell myself i will get there in the end. my weight gain began with my first pregnancy, i had the mentality that i didnt matter i had an excuse to overeat because i was pregnant which was a huge mistake. i now have 4 kids including twins so i gained a lot and it isnt just the weight gain, pregnancy takes its toll in so many ways :( all i can say is just try to find one motivation, one thing that is so important to you it will keep you going. mine is mainly my kids, i dont want them going to school (they are aged 4, 2 and 6 months) and being embarrassed of me. wish i could say more to help you stop feeling so down. i am always here to chat if you need a friend who understands :)
thank you mummyof3girls for taking the time to reply, although at the time I couldn't see any way out I'm glad to say things or more importantly my perspective has changed.
:D I started SW officially today and what has spurred me on is that my school reunion is taking place in just under 9 months and no way am I gonna go at this size and I really wanna go, so I'm on track and every day I come off track I shall do what I do when the rest of my life goes t*** up is to dust myself off, pick myself back up and get on with it.
so here goes
WI today

Well WI this morning, at home as I'm not attending class yet and I have lost 1.5lb :D, really happy with that as I've only been fully on plan since monday this week so hopefully by actually doing this properly it will start coming off properly, at the minute I'm way too busy at work to start posting my food diaries but I'm hoping to get on top of my paperwork this week so I can start properly next week.
I do have my food diaries recorded so it should be easy to upload them when I need to.

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