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loose flap of flab on my stomach...

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Apparently the skin will recover in time, so don't worry too much. As for the sore patches try a very thin smear of vaseline it seems to work for most things. Try and keep the area as dry as possible although I have no practical suggestions as to how to do that... sorry.

But as I said there is hope for those of us in the same boat!



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Hi Yorkiegirl,

As you lose the weight the flab hang over shrinks, but it does seem to go through a stage where it seems worse than before losing the weight.

I got heat rash here and it got raw and sore and I found When in the shower I paid particular attention by lifting the hang over and then letting the water run over it and to make sure all soap and shampoo was rinsed off and to dry the area very well.

I myself found Germolene ointment helped ease the soreness and heal it. It has a local anaesthetic and this help with the soreness.

Tummy exercise help...you may not feel your get anywhere at first as it does take time.

Hope this helps.

Love Mini xxx
I used to have a similar problem under my boobs - I found giving the area in question a quick blast with my hairdryer when I got out of the shower helped!


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Talc is an excellent remedy/relief for your red, sore areas.

I have an overhang too and boobs that have never, since my long-ago incarnation as a new mother (breastfeeding for ages) been able to pass the 'pencil test'.

The problems do lessen as you get smaller but in my experience do not vanish entirely.

And I agree about the tummy flap looking worse until most of the surplus fat has gone. So dispiriting!


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I used to get this under my boobs:eek:

My cure....and I wish I knew about it earlier before I went through the discomfort for years.

Clear up with vaseline, germolene, whatevelene....then spray or roll on antiperspirant each day to stop it reoccuring.

Works a treat with under tummy, under boobs, between legs :)
Medicated Talc works for me, I had major problems pre CD after a c section and my mid wife recommended this after a shower, making sure its dry. I still use a bit on warm days to make sure it stays clean and dry x
Hi Sonya- saw that programme last night, oh it made me feel ill. I admired her for going through so much, but when she got stroppy at the end when the surgeon wouldn't operate I started to wonder at her motivation- it seemed to me she hadn't dealt with any of the underlying problmes driving her food addiction at all- she needs an LL counsellor and a group! Living on shakes for a few motnhs seems like a walk in the park compared to what she was prepared to go through- made me even more determined!
If the soreness is still there you could have a fungal infection. Try Daktacort cream (ask the pharmacist) applied very thinly for a few days at a time only, as it contains a steroid. Then, as someone else mentioned, athletes foot talc eg Daktarin, is v good.
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My flab is getting more flabbier & looser (if that makes any sense) I am hoping it will shrink the more weight I lose, but my boobs & stomach are the worse, I think my arms & legs may tone up a bit but not sure if my tummy will loose that flab. :eek: :eek:

I have been using bio oil and body brushing every other day to try & firm things up a bit. I have not has any soreness as yet though.

athletes foot talk is great & make sure you're stringent about drying after a shower & washing while in the shower...can get quite painful & if it desnt go in a few days with that would go to GP to get stronger cream...talk should clear it up though - know it sould odd but does work (have had this problem on & off - the joys of being a weeble!!)...


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If anyone still has this problem, I tend to blast the hairdryer over the problem area and then apply sudocrem (nappy cream) works a treat!
Iused to get this between my legs when i was at school used to be in tears from it , a few years ago i had it under the tummy flap , it was summer time and my god was it sore . just keep it dry , talc and germolene worked for me , hope and hope i dont get it again , mine took ages to clear up .
Hi Yorkie,

I have had this problem previously, under the tum, boobs and between the thighs. As everyone else has said, the thing is to keep it dry, and as cool as possible. I took to taking a small muslim cloth everywhere with me, in order that I could wipe down these areas whenever I went to the loo. However once you have the problem it can be really sore and difficult to get rid of. Having tried loads of things I found sudocreme best, but because I found this felt a bit yuky/sticky, I also used to coat that in talc. I found the best talc for the job, was one of those for femine hygenie, I think I got mine from boots. It has a finer conistancy than say baby talc and just feels better. I can't use perfumed stuff anyway, but I would suggest you steer clear, as this could cause more iritation. Finally, wear natural fibers where possible.

Hope this helps
Ouch sounds horrid Anna - think you're doing the best thing by going to the doctors as it really shouldn't get like this. Hope all goes well!


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