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Loose skin question


Not evil at all
Morning guys

Hope everyone is well?

This is a question for those who have lost a lot of weight, as in about how much I have to lose. What I'm wondering is do you have loose skin now? Is this something that will definitely affect me or does it depend on the person losing the weight? And also has anyone here had a body lift/similar surgery to remove loose skin after weightloss??

I know I am far from target but this is something I often worry about and just want to know the truth! Sorry if its a personal question and you don't want to answer! I understand :)

Thanks xxxx
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I moisturise EVERYWHERE after my morning shower....ive been told this will help long term (not fix the loose skin issue, but help) so i make sure its part of my routine.

I cant comment on it really cos ive not lost a lot yet xx


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I was really worried about Bingo Wings, but I try to do Arm exercises every morning and so far no hanging skin. Trying to do the same as Ellebear moisturizing with Coconut butter every morning for the other parts :)


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well I have now lost 9 stone...and unfortunatly I have excess skin and I hate it! But I have seen a consultant and he did say that it really does vary from person to person, and the slower you lose the weight the less of a problem it is.

Mrs V

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It also depends about your age. If you are young, your skin is more elastic (!) and any weight you loose will just go without leaving the skin.
If you are worried about bingo wings, try breast stroke swimming, its really good for tightening those up!


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Ive just bought a resistance band with this in mind as well, it was £3 from Tesco, and you can do all sorts of exercises that tone different parts of your body.

good luck EP! x
I've lost almost 10st, but at a reasonable pace - 18 months. I think it really helps to lose slowly so your body gets a chance to adjust.

I have some loose skin on the tops of my arms and legs, but I'm really surprised at my stomach - I was convinced it would be awful as I carried a lot of weight there, but I found when I'd lost about 5st it actually started to lift up as it shrunk! I put this down to doing a lot of walking while I was losing weight.

There's also been some research recently suggesting that loose skin gradually gets better after you've been at goal for a while, this is thought to be because your muscle ratio increases as you exercise more.

Even if you do end up with a bit of loose skin it's still better than having all the fat that filled it. :)

Becca Wecca

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The davina twist board I have has a resistance band. I do exercises with this every day to help combat those bingo wings!! only been doing it a few weeks so can't say i've seen much difference, but fingers crossed in the long run there will be!!


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Thanks for all your replies guys. I'm 21 so hopefully youth is on my side! I can deal with it as it comes and good to know there's ways to prevent/lessen it :)


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i cant comment loads on weightloss however ive had two children and my skin is saggy on tummy... and didnt want it get worse with diet, i been using bio oil every morning and night an seriously its made my stretch marks and lose skin appear tighter already! so i believe using right creams will help reduce your chance x

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