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loose skin/ stretch marks??


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hello all....

I am so getting ahead of myself here seeing as ive lost like 18 lb n need to shift between 4.5 - 6 stone more (not sure what my target is yet) .........

but I have lost one n a half dress sizes all of a su7dden which is fantastic in just 5 weeks!!! but im starting to notice stretch marks on my boobies and belly... im just starting to use bio oil wondered if anybody else has or is using it n does it even work... coz its not cheap!

any way stretch marks might be the least of my worries, i started a size 20/22 now an 18 :) but want to get right down to a 10 or there abouts. i know there are loads of you guys on here that have lost an awfull amount of weight and maintained too which is great has anybody got the problem of excess skin??! i shouldnt worry i know esp so early on but just think what a bummer. imagine doing so well n still have probs with your body like that! i see pple on tv (admitedly they are losing like over ten stone etc) n they have to have surgery n all sorts!!!!:confused:
i am so waffling i think i need to sleep..... any ways think you get my point well i hope any oppinions greatfully received:) esp any preventative measures!

ta xx
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Hi Hon, funny you should post this. I have just bought some "rescue Oil from B&M for £2.49 for 150ml and i am going to start using it. I think your body has to have chance to catch up however we are going to have an element of looser skin at the end of this however i could live with that rather than the weight and the strain on my heart and organs being overweight.

Lots say the bio oil works i am going to let everyone know how i get on with the cheaper version.

Good Luck you are doing incredibly well xxx
i have HORRIBLE stretch marks just above my boobs, they're not noticable when my girls are in the bra, but the bra comes off and i just want to cry. i'm also a big-boobed gal (36F) and am hoping that when i reach goal I can get a reduction or an uplift because they're saggy and the reason i have stretch marks is because they're heavy, and really making me lose all my confidence >< i hope bio oil works, going to pick some up this week
Hi Shell09,
Don't know if the bio oil will work on stretch marks you have already as this is used usually as a preventative measure to stop you getting stretchmarks..ie; in pregnancy....a bit like shutting the stable door after the horse as bolted if you ask me....sorry to disillusion you...but I guess you have had those stretch marks a while....I am the queen of stretch marks my belly and boobs look like a map of the work and I have had mine for years...if yours are red at the moment they do eventually fade down to silvery lines...but I'm afraid if you have them already you are stuck with them! It really does depend on your skin type...some peoples skin is more elastic than others...my sister is 21 stone and has also given birth and she does not have 1 stretch mark anywhere...but to be fair she constantly moisurises her skin everywhere...her skin is really soft and smooth...where as mine is very dry, flaky and bumpy...it just doesn't matter how much I moisturise and exfoliate, it never makes a difference, I suffer with excema and psoriosis and am constantly itchy. I am probably definitely gonna need a tummy tuck and a boob lift at some point...best start saving those pennies!!!!
Hope I have helped.


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Thanks for all the replies certainly gives me something to think about. Il use the bio oil i have already bought atleast n go from there... I was thinking the same re possible tummy tuck n maybe boob lift, thing is my boobs arent that big so if i did get work done there id want the full implants lol... Dont know if it would really be worth it as i have only had one child already and we plan to have a few more, guess tucks lifts n implants would be kinda pointless antill all that was behind me at least :)


WILL be Slim!
just to add, i have gone from a size 22/24 down to a size 10 (size 18 to 10 in 5 months) and i have a lot of excess skin on my upper body and my inner thighs....but to be fair, once its tucked into clothes then its not that noticable.
I cant get any work done on the NHS (not surprising really considering the state its in) so my Dr has put me on anti-d's until i am more at peace with my naked self!
Its effected our sex-life as i wont take my bra off (and i've gone from a 40DD to a 32D) but they are like a pair of socks with golf balls in the end! lol.
I know i am a healthier person for losing the weight though and i love the clothes shopping so a really cant complain too much can i (can you tell the prozac is kicking in! lol).

Whatever happens to your body at the end of this hun, your doing this for the right reasons so keep up the good work!

I remember someone on here quite abruptly telling me that the reason my skin was so bad was becuase it was all self-inflicted! Harsh reality is now that i daily remember how big i used to be, but on the plus side, i now also think "but my god i look good as a size 10" lol

Your doing fabulous! Keep up the good work hun! Its so worth it and SO achievable!!!!!

I remember someone on here quite abruptly telling me that the reason my skin was so bad was becuase it was all self-inflicted! Harsh

I often think to myself that the loose skin will be a reminder of what I did to my body and it's my fault. It is harsh but it's a bit of a kick up the bum I need sometimes!
I really do think it's different for everyone. I've lost 4 stone so far and at 32yrs my skin has shrunk back well (not perfect) but no noticeable to the untrained eye.
However, not my tummy! 5st overweight and 3 darlings later, I'm always going to have a little sag there! I don't care though. In my eyes, if you are slim, you are slim - bikini or costume. Hubby doesn't care. My body reflects my babies and now how hard I am still working to get healthier. It doesn't bother me, only me and hubby know its there.
I think it's attitude and how your body/skin copes itself. I have some stretch marks aswell - but so does hubby and hes never been an ounce overweight, so don't care about them either.
Moisturise and a little toning all the way through - we get what we are born with. The weight coming off is sooo much better than worry about that.
I've heard people on maintenance say it can take a year for your body to 'catch up' with your weight loss. I was hoping i'd be lucky but i have been fat all my adult life so i guessed it was unlikely. My worst saggy bits, after a loss of 4stone ( still want to lose another 1stone approx) is my stomach. When i lie flat, its ok, but if i roll to the side it sort of flops down, and when flat i can poke my finger in it and leave wrinkles and bumps behind. It provides great amusement to myself and DD! My boobs are like Magda's out of 'there's something about Mary' so just as bad there. Tops of thighs are not great and arms could be better too.
At times it bugs me, i get mad at myself that i did this to my body in the first place. I am never going to be a 'sexy' beach bodied babe because of it, no matter how much i shrink. I also have major cellulite and thread veins aswell so short skirts will not be an option either. But then, in clothes i feel good, and at least i'll be healthier and a better example for my daughter, and thats more important to me than any skimpy bikini will ever be. I'm lucky my OH finds me sexy and i feel sexier than i have in a long time. If i was single i'm sure i may feel differently.
I have to say, i have never used snything, oil or cream wise since starting cd so couldn't say if it would make a difference.
Sorry for waffling, been thinking about this a lot myself recently xxx
hi shell, well im concerned about this too i have 5-6 stone to lose ave lost 1 stne already however im worried about my body looking worse i feel like my confidence is ok just now being fat but im losing weight to be even happier and keep thinking to maself if i end up looking all saggy id prob end up gaining weight again.

i have a couple of thoughts, exercise as much as you can now and all through youre journey to help tone especially the parts of youre body that have strech marks as this is where the skin has lost its elasticity so wont bounce back as well.

use a body brush and dry brush youre body often as well as moisturising (any moisturiser will work just as well as bio-oil and a lot cheaper). the younger you are the better youre body will react to sudden weight loss so im told as im 24. i just hope mine wont look too bad cos am young i want to show off my body and no cover it up espec on hols, it really worries me so i sympathise with you.

good luck on youre journey, sorry if ave rambled on too much xx
i really identify with your post melissa. i'm 25 and one of the reasons i want to LOSE weight is so i can show my body off! not so i have to then start worrying about flabby skin and plastic surgery :(
i know mince, i tel ma mum and other ppl that if i end up hating ma body more when thin than i do now ill prob try to gain weight not as much but fill it out a bit. thats what im most scared off.
I've heard of people lossing loads and not liking the new figure, so put half a stone back on. Problem is you only know about a good weight and skin when you get there.
Everyone is different and like I said, apart from baby tummy, which can be hidden in a swim suit, no-body would know how big I was before if they didn't know me.
Don't worry about what you don't know. When you get there I bet you feel the weight off far outweighs anything else!
youre right just need to wait and see ive no been thin since a was bairn mind you when a was 15-16 a was a size 14 and thought i was fat id love to get back in to a 14 now lol

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