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loose skin!

Whether or not your skin springs back nicely is due to a combination of genetics, age and how long you've been overweight for. Whilst firming creams might make the skin supple, there is no real solution to prevent loose skin without surgery. Wait until you get to goal, as a lot of people have said that the appearance of their loose skin improved after a year or so.
I have used plamers firming cream and done dry body brushing which has really helped with the appearance of cellulite on my legs and I'm sure has helped my skin too if not anything a good exfoliator. But all remedies aside there is no helping my poor boobs lol, they definately will need a surgeon with skill lol.
As someone already has said it depends on the individual .Your age ,how long you been over weight and if you have yoyo ed ,if you have always kept your skin moisturised ,genetics .Always keep in mind better to have a bit of saggy skin than all the health problems that go with been overweight and they are many .Also it doesnt matter which diet you choose to do .I have been told by many that it is my own fault for doing CD but having talked to many who have lost weight on ww sw LL ect ect ect they all have the same problems so dont be disheartened just keep thinking of the positives and live a long and healthy life xxx
i have been using something similar to Bio-Oil its £2.49 from B&M and i have found it leaves my skin lovely. At the moment i am ok skin wise not too loose or baggy,i am quite lucky i have good skin, though i had noticed my skin was getting slacker anyway as i have hit my late 30's just things like my hands looking older etc.

I had quite a big tummy area but didn't have any stretch marks on it even though i was i size 18-20 before and now 12-14 now its ok.

Its worth trying this oil, my sister recently had a single breast masectomy and she is using the original Bio-Oil on her scar as it is proven to be good on scaring and stretch marks, and was recommended to her by her Cancer Nurse.

Good Luck Hon x

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