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:( loosin hope

day1 on LT went fine... was day2 today and also my 1st day back to work at the bank after a whole yrs maternity leave. before goin on my mat leave i was working as the deputy manager... and now theyve made me a cashier. people who ive trained are above me... but worse is i earned this postion after 5 yrs hard work and its all been taken from me coz im not working full time anymore. the manager has obviously changed and was horrible to me. things have changed in a yr and if i was askin her anythin she was sayin you should know this and not even sparin me infront of customers. result was i came home in tears and had a packet of crisps and a bar of chocolate. dont know if its gonna get any better tomorrow. might actually start lookin for a new job. really wanted to loose a stone by the 6th of july. feel so down about everythin. lookin at myself in the mirror makes it worse. im fat and miserable.:cry:
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You must speak to Human Resources, this should not be happening....the manager should take on board that you have had a year off and that you are asking in case there are changes to the company rules etc.!

No one deserves to be bullied or humiliated and you need to stand up for yourself. On the other hand, I know your position has changed and I think you do have to expect that, to be fair....I think even if you were back FT that you would even have to accept a more junior position but they can't drop your salary....I know it's annoying but it's one of those things...it happened to me, but I was fine with it as I wanted to just enjoy being a mum and having a 'break' at work!

Now, get your self back on the LT and imagine how good you will feel and look in one months time!:):):):)

Lisa xx
You poor pet,

You have had a dreadful day. What happened in work was dreadful. Going back to work after maternity leave is very stressful without this!!
Give it a few more days, and see how things go in work, and review the situation if it has not improved. Remember you have a beautiful baby now, and your body changes drastically with pregnancy etc. You were only on day 2 of your diet, which is probably the worse day, as you will naturally feel tired, low and hungry, and the stress that you experienced would send you to eating crisps and chocolate. Remember all is not lost, if you can feel strong you can start again tomorrow or leave it until a few days until things settle in work. I believe that there is no reason that you will be able to do this diet and do it successfully, but you need less stress to be successful.
Take care of yourself and let us know how things go.
You poor love. What a b*****d! Ignore the boss but do speak to HR as Bellyflop suggested, what your manager is doing is bullying and you shouldn't have to put up with it.

I hope tomorrow is a better day for you.



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Poor Baby! I agree with BF HR is the way to go. But give it a day or two. It is hard to go back to work after time off. You earned the position you were in because you are good at what you do /AND YOU STILL ARE!!! It will just take a few days to settle back!

Get back to your LT. Are you really going to let the manager be the reason you don't lose weight and feel good about yourself?? Are you really going to let him win like that??? Come on girl....stuff him....lose that weight and strut your stuff! 2 more days of LT and then a lovely weekend to recharge and pamper yourself (welll as much pampering as you can do with a baby!) Losing a stone in a month is a defo on this diet. No more cheating! Dust yourself off and get back on the LT wagon TONIGHT and not tomorrow!
I work for a bank as well - I'd put money on it being the same one. Don't take it personally - the management have gone berserk in their drive to 'Become Britain's Most Recommended Bank'....
Actually what your manager is doing is illegal. You should not be demoted, because you have been on mat leave. infact you should return to the same place of work, at the same pay and entitlements as you had before you went on mat leave. dont take crap!
aww hun

aww thought I had probs with mother and sister not comeing to my wedding, but with them I chose to shut the book on them both, I know you cant do that but hun dont let them get away with that stand up for yourself see someone about it and get it stoped. Big hugs and cuddles to you hun, it will get better :)


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Hi - Eyekandi is correct, it is illegal for you to be discriminated against after maternity leave.

It is classed in the eyes of the law as a form of sex discrimination and is taken very seriously. I would suggest you take it up with HR and possibly give the Citizen's Advice Bureau a ring, you honestly do not have to put up with this.

Best Wishes

oh life is not fair!, i started back at work yesterday after 8mths off, but i am in a new job, and i found it tough, as i am doing Cambridge and i did not drink enough water, so when i got home i had a stonking headache and cheated to make myself feel better. My confidence was knocked because i had to learn new computer skills, as it is a diff. programme to my previous work place and you just simply forget things. Having a baby and returning to work is not easy:cry: love highheels xx

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