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Loosing focus and willpower!

Have been doing slimming world for a couple of months now and was doing really well.

I seem to have hit a bit of a brick wall at the minute where I only needed half a pound for my stone, then put half on, then maintained etc etc.

I just dont feel as focused and able to stick to it as well at the minute.
I'm getting fed up with what I am eating, am skint so struggle to buy as much variety of food, and dont have as much time as i'd like to prepare things, especially for my lunches at work!

Any words of wisdom or advice?

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monkeys bunny

need 2get my head into it
you sound like me...im rubbish ha ha

making quiches for packed lunches is always a good idea. and cous cous cake goes down well and both rice and cous cous are cheap.
mango salads are nice and i lke apple chopped in strawberry yoghurts.

make your tea like qorn and pasta, make too much and take to work for dinner


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You will be fine, just remember why you started the plan in the first place. Have you got a pair of jeans that are too big that you can put on as a reminder of how far you've come? Maybe go back to basics and read the book and get an idea of some free foods that you like that are cheap. jacket Potatoes are cheap piled with batrcheloes pasta sauce or beans and a healthy extra B choice.

You will be fine and rather than concentrating on the pound that you can't rid off congratulate yourself on 13 lbs that you have already lost.


rainbows holiday buddy :)
muppet - i'm in the same boat as you. i was 4 lbs off reaching 2 stone loss and i've spent the last month maintaining, gaining, losing half a pound. it's driving me nuts, because i could have lost that 4lbs over 2 or 3 weeks and feel like i should be well on my way to 3 stone by now. i know it's my own fault and i know how easy it us to give up, but this time around i'm going to fight it.

i come on here about 3 times a day to stay focused...and i hope to lose this week and it better be more than half a pound or i will be seriously naffed off. i was hoping to have lost 3 stone by the time i go on holiday at the end of august but i will be happy to have reached 2.5 stone...any more than that will be a bonus :)

there are plenty of free quick and easy foods you can eat on SW - you just need to sit down with your books and plan ahead.

remember we're all here to support each other - if you're struggling you should be spending more time on this forum to try and boost your motivation.


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I think we all hit this rough patch! Crap innit

I feel stuck at the min too - dont feel like going down at all.....

You will be motivated again hun and keep reading here for advice and a general kick!

Good Luck and you will soon lose that 0.5 lb and all will be good and that will motivate you loads!


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I think when it comes to times like this (and lord knows, we've all had 'em!) that we just have to get back to basics. Get the books out and act like it's week 1 all over again. Do it rigidly and weigh and measure your HEXs and syns. Carry your book around with you when you do your shopping.

I know you're skint but doing green days, I find, is cheaper than red. You can have a week of all green and fill up on loads of veg, pasta, fruit, etc which is all not too bad - I find it's the meat that bulks up the shopping bill!

And just remember - you CAN do it! And Couscous is right - focus on the fantastic weight that you have lost rather than what you haven't!

Also - set a goal for yourself this week that you're going to make 2 new dishes that you've not tried before. This will help stop the boredom and you might be pleasantly surprised!


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Im stuck and unmotivated at the minute and have been so for bout the last 4 weeks, Im now just trying my hardest to not gain - as losings not an option. But you know you can do it, and you will do it, we all will xxx
a few weeks ago a lady at my class was really struggling, she had maintained for 2 weeks and put on this particular week - our consultant had been trying to keep her motivated for the whole of that period and checked her food diaries etc. Anyway she decided to take the lady to one side and treat her as if she were a new member, she went through the whole programme with her as if it was her first class.....end result, she has lost weight every week for the last 4 weeks !!!

Psychology eh !!!

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