Losing a big tummy?!


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Hey everyone

I have always held my fat pretty evenly all over my body (easy to disguise how big you are - and kid yourself!) but sinnce I have started LL I havent lost fat from all over!

I have lost lots from my bum and thighs, and all of my back fat - which is great!

The problem is that I feel that my stomack looks bigger than ever as a result - I know that abdominal fat is the hardest to lose, and also the most dangerous.

When did you start noticing the difference in your tummies?

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hi slim,

i guess everyone is different - i lost a lot from my waist and felt my tummy going down at once. however i am struggling re. hips and bust which have not gone down yet.

dont worry though - it seems as if some people lose weight in different areas....and im sure you lost weight from your tummy - maybe it is all in your mind, so let's try and be positive!! ;-)


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my belly is always the last thing to go as well :( bust is always the first to go :( :(

all we can do is keep going and eventually it'll ALL go :D


my tummy/chest are the first areas to lose fat.
my hips/love handles are the hardest place to lose fat.
i suppose it depends on what bodyshape you have.


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I agree I think it depends on the individual, but I notice with me that the first place to for it to go on is the last place for it to shift - if that makes sense.



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Yes that makes senses Skinnyminny. My tum is the last place its going from me - I'm happy with my top half (apart from the shrunken boobs!) but its the tum that is resisting the most. You can't choose where it goes from - but my theory is if there's fat there it will have to go eventually.