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losing hope


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hi all

just need some motivation from you all.

my weight losses have not been high but i was losing 1-2lb a week and i was happy with this.

for the last couple of weeks i have STS :( although i know its not a gain its getting me down my usual day goes as below i'm on 33pp a day

B - 60g fruit ans fibre - 6pp including milk
banana - 0pp

snack - apple 0pp

lunch - ham sandwich with phillie no butter - 6pp
quavers - 2pp
fruit bar - 2pp
satumas - opp

snack - banana - 0pp

dinner - salad 0pp mayo -1pp
jacket potatoe - 6pp butter - 1pp
9x chicken nuggets - 9pp

all help would be most appreciated the only meal that changes is the dinner each day but the point value is the same
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hi, when we sts or gain is really does knock us back in motivation but you have already lost 7lb steadily, your meal plan looks great.. and if you stick it out i'm sure it'll get back on track... our bodies can be very frustrating at times xx


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You could perhaps try increasing your protein and lowering some of the other fats like chicken nuggets. You may have been better off having chicken breast instead. You also had more than half your points on your evening meal perhaps if you ate a little more often and a smaller amount it may jolt your metabolism. Or even vary how your points are divided throughout the day. good luck and keep going x
Hi K4c3y, is that what you would eat normally everyday? I just noticed that you are having two bananas, I know that they are zero points, but in reality bananas are quite calorific, and they take up to 48hours to digest, so it could be them that is stalling your weightloss, as the rest of your diet looks perfect. The other thing about bananas is that they contain a lot of potassium, which is very good for you in small doses, but in large doses can be bad for your heart.

A friend of mine is a dietician, and she has looked at my typical diet on WW, and she is happy with it (I am on 29pp but apart from the number of PP I eat, it is quite similar to yours) but she did advise me to only eat three bananas a week, and no bananas in the 2 days before weigh in.

Maybe try it for a week and see how you get on?

Hope this helps:)
Me again!!

I was just thinking, maybe you could add in a couple of yogurts into your diet? Calcium has been linked to metabolic rate and weightloss, and it seems it could be something you are lacking so maybe this would help too?


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thanks all

back on it today i was a little worried that i may have been eating too much bread or something else tribecamegan i will try not having so many bananas and gets some yogurts (i thought i was doing good eating 2) and see if that helps.

i am also trying to eat more home-made foods yesterday i made cottage pie and bulked it out with lots of veg and today i have made turkey and bacon pasta bake its just so hard when you work 10 hr days but these are still coming in at around 14 points. but much more filling
Ohhh that turkey and bacon pasta bake sounds delicious (love how it's just two words and yet I am loving it) but yum :) I feel your pain, I do 12hr shifts and couldn't imagine cooking. Thankfully I live at home, or on a sat might have Chinese :) buti always try and have a dinner waiting for me too! Even if I ate on work at 7 at night come 8.30 at home I'd feel I need dinner (habit I suppose). I love a Banaba on brown bread for breakfast, can't stomach anything else that early. But have one a day, usually, I haven't felt it's affected my weightless. You must let me know if it helps, cause don't think I
Could give then up :(

Good luck :) and enjoy this diet. Hopefully it's for life :)

Ps enjoy yer yummy sounding pasta bake :)

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