Losing lbs not inches :-(


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after loosing 2 stone I was still finding myself in an 18 (the size I was at the beginning of my journey) and I felt so demotivated to have lost that weight and not have went down dress sizes, then almost as if suddenly overnight I made it into the 12/14's... I was feeling exactly the same as you, wondering what the point in it all was but stick with it, it will get easier :). I don't measure myself for this exact reason. But you will notice results soon


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hi leahlou,

dont get disheartened ..i know its easier said than done like the previous poster said it will happen,
i always lose inches off the places i dont want to lose it first, sometimes its just the way your body works, im really bottom heavy , and always pray i will lose it from my thighs first but it never happens, i always lose it from my bust and waist first.
so keep going and before long you will start to see results i promise xx



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im exactly the same. :( Infact, my stomach feels BIGGER, but im all bloated and constipated and i think it may be that.

Have you noticed wee silly weight loss palces? I have noticed my ring on my middle finger feels looser. Yes, its not a dress size like i want but its a sign.

My CDC only does measurements fortnightly because she says people are disheartened by them weekly, but fortnightly the results look great. (aparently)


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Yup, feeling the same here, 1st down, no smaller, in fact clothes I was wearing 6months ago when I was at this weight still don't fit - so annoying!


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Do you measure everywhere?

You may not have lost off your hips but you will have lost somewhere else. I use a Rosemary Conley Magic Measure, they are brilliant, you put these tabs on at your starting point and then move them down when you periodically measure yourself and you get to see how many inches you are actually losing.

Stick with it, the inches will soon melt away.


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Ohhh hunny try not to get too disheartened! It took me to lose 3 stone before I dropped a dress size! My CDC once gave me this analogy which sort of helped, imagine a toilet roll (hear me out!) it's not until you've peeled back a ton of the layers until you notice the difference/ it gets smaller!

You will go down a size just stick with it honestly Hun! Xx <--- it want until 4 stone until my arms moved on the tape!!!


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Thsnks guys! Just dishearting when all I want is a bacon barm! N I don't feel I'm losing even though I'm sticking too it