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Losing will


Wanna be....sexy!


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Hey hun!!! Noooooo i knew you hdnt been around much..youve prob missed us! I know it can get you dow hun but just think of your goal!!! It will be sooooo worth it come summer hun. You have done really well xxxxx


Wanna be....sexy!
I know tracy,I have had alot of things on,we are moving house (which is great actually,really love it),my head is full of so many things that Ive slacked on water and although havent cheated,its been soo hard to watch the family eat and smell food.


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Shamrock - Im with you there!! We are both finishing week 4 and like you - im bored with the shakes...BUT i decided to try and motivate myself again so i tried on all my size 16 & 14 pants and looked at how baggy they were...I them tried on the dress i wore for the work Xmas party and laughed at how big it looked.....Then, i studied the calendar and wrote beside each monday waht i could realistically reach by the end on May and thought about what id look like then......It helped me a bit.........

How long were you originally planning to stay on it?
Not worth packing in now, stick at it you have come so far xx
stick with it as you have done so well. moving house will keep you busy even after you have moved in as i found out, and it will soon be summer and you will be so pleased you kept going. xx


Wanna be....sexy!
I was planning to lose 6 st altogether,Ive lost nearly two so far.I started off at a size 20,I know 18 is getting loose.I would be happy at a size 14 and I do worry that if I start even healthy eating,I will pile the two stone back on again!


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we all have bad days/weeks but you have to keep going hun.this week has been terrible for me but you just have to remember why you started and how far you have come already,its not forever hun and remember we are all here for you xxxx


Wanna be....sexy!
Thanx guys,Its one of those times that has come to test me,I do worry that we currently could do with the £45 per week and I suppose that is bothering me too but maybe Im using that as an excuse
But it wont be for too much longer hun and you will kick yourself if you stop now xxx


Wanna be....sexy!
I know,will have to sleep on it and see how I feel in the morning x
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you done so well im only on week two but just coming on here and reading it all has kept me going so much. i live at home with my parents and they obviously eat :eek:) but although i love the smell of the food i stop and think ... do i want that meal which would last 5 mins or to loose this weight and show myself i can do it. plus with the summer coming along i think its the best time to do it as when you come off it will be hot so drinking water and eatin salads will keep it off!!! good luck and stick with it the end result will be worth it !!!!XXX
Stick with it hun but at the same time do what is best for you! We are all here for ya xxx


weighs a lot less
you would proberly spend the money on takeaway i know i would if i hadnt started the LT (not all in one sitting) tommorow will be better hun it always is xxxxxxxxxxxx


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I agree with the people above I gave up last year after losing a lot of weight... I could kick my self for not carrying on! I would now be at my goal weight instead of having the shakes every day.

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