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**** loss again

hi guys
jus come back from my 18th wi and only lost 2lbs. i was well gutted as in had done quite vigorous exercise with my bf ( wink wink) and loadsa walkin. i was expectin to lose alot more. i dont suppose it bein a 6 day wk made any difference. i keep tellin myself that 2lbs for the 18th wk is better than nothin but cant help but feel let down. :cry:
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I suppose week 15 is getting you back, but 2lb is great pet you should be pleased - 19.5lb in 4 weeks aint bad kidda xxx

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TRYING to be patient!!
yeh i agree, when you look at the overall picture you've done fantastic! just sticking to it for so long is a mega achievement...and the weight you've lost goes to show it :)
dont be done, be sooo very proud of yourself hun xx


Must do it this time
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Excellent Losses Hun,keep Up The Great Work,
Elaine X


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You've still lost 2lbs...you've done great! You should be proud of yourself! I'm feeling rubbish today, but just looking at how much you've lost has made me feel a bit better :)

Well done honey!!xx


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Aww Gem its still great hun..a lot better than the week you gained! Getting there xxx


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Gem, I feel your pain, honestly – look at my "miserable old bat" thread, but the hard lesson is that you have to look at the overall picture. And that week recently you lost 9lb :eek: wow! You have stuck to the plan for so long too, shows you are not a quitter. So chin up girl. You will go on to fight another week!


Says it as it is!!!
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Great loss hunni.... your body just needs to catch up a bit ...you will have bigger losses! Overall you have done truly fan-bloody-tastic xxx


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2lbs is still 2lbs yourll never see again..well done and think positive xx

h x


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Gonna agree with everyone else here.

Although it can be dissapointing to see a 2lb loss it's still great to know you've lost something. Look back at your past results and remember how far you've come.

The less you have to lose the smaller the loss will be as time goes on. Look at it from that way. You've less to lose now than you did 17 weeks ago!!


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here I am on 1 week and feeling like its the biggest for me lol, and you've done 18 weeks, do you know how amazing, and inspiring that is? Pinkbaileys you are amazing, keep at it because you inspire us all!

I hope to have your strength to keep at it that long! Have fun exercising with the bf hehe


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2lb is off is fab so just think about next week and keep you spirits up, I think you have done brilliant up to now and I hope I can match your 9lb loss at least once.

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