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Loss Of Appetite

Afternoon everyone.

As some of you may have noticed I'm having a bit of a stressful time at the moment with OH not being well and I seem to have completely lost my appetite.
So I was just wondering if anyone had any tips or hints of what I should do to try to keep to plan and have a loss this week.
I'm having a rough time with losses as it is at the moment and I honestly think that if I don't have a good loss it may just be the nail in the coffin.
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Maybe if you've got the energy (it might even help take your mind off things) whip up some SW pizzas, chips, bolognese etc to put in the freezer so if you do find yourself fancying something there's something easy to hand so you don't feel tempted for a takeaway.
Just try and eat little bits when you fancy. I wouldn't be too worried though, you can't really do any damage not eating?! It's just not good for you....
Hehehe.... just thought I used to work in a pub and one of the customers said his doctor said to him if we were in a famine situation he'd be one of the survivors.... but we're not in a famine situation.
Don't know if you'll find that funny but I did!
How long have you had your loss of appetite ? Any long term loss of appetite should be investigated properly.

It could simply be the amount of stress you have in your life at present but if it continues get yourself checked out.

Do you like scrambled eggs with cheese melted in it or mashed potato with cheese and finely diced onion stirred into it ? They both go down easily and are so nutritious and SW friendly.

Look after yourself elb,

hugs xxx
Hi Emma

You are under a lot of stress at the moment with your bloke being unwell and starting a new job. Don't be hard on yourself. I would say that if you don't want to eat, don't force yourself. Just don't worry about it as this will add to your stress. Keep healthy things handy in case your appetite returns.

Please don't give up :)
I agree......please don't give up.

Thinking of you,

hugs xxxx

big bear

A bear on a mission!
Glad you're feeling better. Hope things improve for you & your OH. {{{Hugs}}} BBx
Thanks again everyone :) I really appreciate all the kind words and wishes :D

My appetite is sort of semi back, I'm feeling hungry but a lot of the time once the food's in front of me I dont really fancy it anymore.

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