Not dieting ATM!
Hi all, Just thinking of all the other things I've lost apart from the weight

eg, anxiousness, aches and pains, flatulance, wardrobe of stretched old clothes etc etc,

and also


Confidence, energy, new appreciation of myself, better skin, love to dress up rather than down etc etc

I thought it would be fun to compare and contrast our gains and losses as for me this has been so much more than losing those pounds.

For those starting out on this programme a lot of this benefits starting almost immediately!

Hi dizzy-n-mIzzy,

Thanks for replying!!!

Boy, has today been tough and its only PM!!

we've been icing biscuits, that bit didn't bother me but it was the smell of the bread etc etc, god it was very close.

It doesn't help that in 6 days Ive only lost 1 pound.

This is the first time Ive stuck to it 100% (21 days Monday!!!)

Ive got through curry at friends house, I had water whilst they all ate delicious curry, i just kept chanting in my head "i give them the responsibility of being fat, not me, not today"

I've made some of my most fave meals for the kids and I wasn't too tempted so why today???????

oh god, its really taken alot of will power to not just ignore everything and eat a sarnie!!!

sorry about my desperate post, but i figured if i could just get my fingers to work and type fast enough, some kind person could talk me round!

(Thanks dizzy-n-mizzy):D

I think I'm past the worse of it now (i hope!)

anyway, my post isn't anything about losses or gains really, unless I think of it that maybe the sarnie would turn into a binge, then a massive weight gain!!!
Hi Tracie

I'm glad you replied I can relate to you 100% I have three children and have many times got a kick out of cooking beautiful meals for them or backed goodies for the school fete without even being tempted to even lick a finger. But then sometimes when my guard is down I reach out for something without even thinking about it. Usually when I'm tired or a bit low one way or another. Also my starting weight was one pound below yours and my goal weight the same so I do feel like I know where you are. You have done excellently to go for 21 days it would be terrible to spoil that record now. Probably your disappointing loss last week was hormonal or something which means chances of a spectacular loss next week. That's how it goes for me sometimes. I have a sick child today so am about all day if you need anything. Have you been drinking the water? I know I haven't today I'll have one now if you do! Dizzyx
hi Dizzy,

i know what you mean. not that my kids appreciate my culinary delights, they'd prefer nuggets and chips to home made stuff!!!!!:mad:

how much have you lost? and how long you been doin CD?

i just noticed that the losses and gains isn't meant to be about lbs!!!! whoops!!!

i just have no will power ordinarily so I'm surprised I'm still going on CD!

anyway, going to have a bath
going to cinema to see the dirty Sanchez film

i saw Talladega nights last sat and it was really funny, i like will Ferrell! so, worth going to see in my opinion!
I'm still quite new to this but.....

I seem to have gained hours in the afternoon, previously spent thinking about what to cook for tea, I've also gained time in the evening where previously my meal became "grazing".

I've lost my little wrinkles as my skin has plumped up with all the water I've been drinking. (I was beginning to worry about developing wrinkles at 27 as shift workers don't seem to age too well, but my skin is great at the moment).

Even though I've not lost loads of weight -yet-, I've lost the pot-bellied bloated look to my tummy.

I can't say I'm loving drinking my coffee black, but in turn that means I've cut down from 5 cups to 1 or 2 cups a day.
Definately gained time! Not having to cook for myself, not thinking about food, and grocery shopping takes less time!:) :)
Lost some hair:(
Lost a friend:( who couldnt handle my weight loss
Gained more contact with an old friend on this site:) . Gained another friend, my CDC.:D
Lost a bra cupsize,:) and:(
Lost some money with all the new clothes I am buying:( , but really enjoying spending :)
Gained some confidence :) , belief in myself that i can diet:D :D and energy:D
Lost some aches and pains:D :D :D . Knees used to hurt, and arthritic neck is less painful!