Losses on 790?


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I havent done 790, but the losses are meant to be only slightly less than SSing. You should also stay in ketosis while on 790.

Have you read your yellow book or asked your CDCs advice?

The forum is always quieter at this time which is probably why no one who has done 790 has answered you yet


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Oh...oh...I'll reply :)

Yes, a lot of people find it the same as SS and you should stay in ketosis.

Keep up the good work ;)


I started the 790 plan last tuesday, i decided on this plan as i wanted a bit of flexibility on eating something... so i shall be able to let you know on tuesday how much weight i have lost.. fingers crossed anyway!
Sorry not much help at the moment i know.


week 1 loss

Hi, just to let you know i lost 5.72lbs:D this week doing the 790 plan... i am very pleased with this as i had a meal out on saturday night ( one that was planned a long time ago! ).
I hope this helps.
Sue x


i have just started the 790 plan, and i feel so guilty. i feel like im eating too much. just had a huge salad with tandori chicken and i'm sooo full...still got a shake to have aswell.

will let you know how much i loose on monday...should be interesting!

are you aloud to exercise on the 790?


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I have been on 790 for a week and lost 2lbs, was losing 3.5lbs on ss. Seems to slow it down for me but still in ketosis so hopefully fat & inches are burning off.


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I too am doing 790, i'm on week 5 and lost 2 pounds this week, i have found it's the bars rather than 790 which slow me down!

Hi I've just completed my first week on 790. I lost 8lbs. That was my first week though. We'll see what happens from here on. I have a lot to lose though too so I don't know if that makes any difference.