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Losses on 810 - thinking about changing from SS


Cambridge Consultant
Hi all
Any of you on 810, are your losses loads less than they were on SS or SS+? I've been on SS for 16 days now, and haven't cheated, but the need for food is overwhelming my whole life at the moment, I'm afraid if I don't reintroduce some food soon I might cheat, and I don't want that, but I don't want my losses to slow down too much, as they are whats keeping my going if you know what I mean! Thanks for listening to my ramblings :D
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try ss+

It's a v low cal meal plus 3 cd packs

Check your yellow book for food allowances

I've done that from day one with great results my need for food is also greater than to have just liquids daily LOL


Cambridge Consultant
Can I ask what you lose on average weekly on SS+? Just to give me an idea. I thought about it but dismissed it initially as I was worried that it would just tempt me to eat too much! It also doesn't look that different to 810 to me. I think I need to do something though, I'm sooooo bored :(


Nearly a yummy Mummy
ive been on ss for 7 weeks (well 6 as i had a bad week) This week is my 1st week on 810. I am on day 4 and already have lost 6lb and have no urge to eat, feel really full xxx


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I do SS during the week and SS+ at the weekend. It keeps me on track knowing that I can eat something at the weekend, an makes it easier to stick with it. Better to SS+ than lose it completely.

Regarding 810, my friend does this plan and loses around 3 or 4 pounds a week. I know she find it really easy.


Cambridge Consultant
I cant see hardly any difference between SS+ and 810 except milk and slightly bigger portions of meat and green veg - or am I being dippy (wouldn't surprise me!). It is still only 1 meal on 810 isn't it? :confused:

Laura Croft

Happily maintaining
Yes it's still only one meal. 810 has been wonderful for me - none of the bruising, hormone etc issues I had on SS+. That said, I'm so glad I did SS+ the first time around because I needed to take food out of the equation. Abstinence was everything to me.

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