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Losses on Exante

Hi Starlight, well, I am a man and have lost 49lbs in 42 days, I lost 18lbs my 1st week and have averaged 6lbs a week since then. Not sure about the ladies who are doing Exante
Hi Starlight, I am doing the TS and only have shakes, I tried the soups, love them, but winter time is for soups. I did not order the bumber pack just the shakes and soups.
Thanks Starlight, I am pretty chuffed, I just had to cut the cord with regards to food, I was a huge binge eater, be it puddings, main meals or just chips and chocolate, but then I have never done things in half measures. I stopped smoking 6 years ago, had knee and back ops 5 years ago and everything went to pot.

Anyway I am just glad I found this diet.


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Hi Starlight,
I am on day 17 of the diet and have lost 16lbs so far. I had never done a diet like this before but failed miserably at all the usuals so decided I needed to take some drastic action.
Having done a fair bit of reading I decided to give TS a try and so far I'm actually enjoying it - mainly, I think, because I was such a food addict that I thought about what I could eat as soon as I woke up in the morning, now that's all been taken away and I don't seem to be obsessing (so far, I know I'm not an angel and will be tempted!).
Whatever you decide, the folks on this forum are all very supportive and knowledgeable x
I would be interested to know this to, im going away at christmas, how much do yuo think i could lose by then (including the odd slip up) x


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well ive lost 20 lbs in 4weeks so i avarage out at 5lbs a week you could lose up2 a stone a month if you are 100%
I think loss depends on your weight and size, after looking over various peoples experiences it seems if you have obese level 1/2 then you will lose significant weight in the early stages, if however you are trying to lose maybe 2/3 stone then the results seems to vary. Coming from a gym background I know that the average woman requires 2000 cals a day to function, on the Total solution your average cal consumption is 600 cals a day. If you work this out over the week its a negative of 9800 cals.. this breaks down to 3500 cals per pound of fat used by the body.
soooooooo ...on cals alone without considering ketosis you should lose 2.8 pounds a week, if your not then you're either taking more cals in or your body doesnt require the average 2000 cals a day to function.

For a man like me who requires 3300-3500 cals a day on the total solution its a whopping negative of 24,500 cals per week! which equates to 7 pounds of fat which would explain heavier people losing more quicker.

All the above is outside how the body reacts when in ketosis, if the same logic applies wen in ketosis.. i dont know but I can't image it being far wrong.

What does all this mean? you can work out exactly how much you will lose every week by working out your base metabolic rate (BMR) then subtracting the 600 cals in you will consume on the total solution, multiply that number by 7 days and then divide it by 3500 (the amount of cals a pound of fat is equivalent too) and there you go !

so for me it's

BMR = 3500 (I exercise and move about quite alot)
3500 - 600 = 2900 (this is how many cals I burn a day on this diet)

2900 x 7 days = 24,500 cals (7 days cals burnt)
24,500/3500 = 7

7 whole pounds of fat per week should drop off me, it will vary based on water loss and also tissue loss but it's a good indication.

science class over.


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