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Losses on first week


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I did it back in 2010 and only lost 6lb in my first week. I was on SS+ and would have liked a bit more. Starting next week again and I really am hoping for more than the 6.


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Everyone is different, first time I did it I lost 8lbs, 2nd time 11lbs, I have seen people on here lose over a stone (I can only dream). From my experience if I had eaten loads the week before the loss was definitely bigger. It will be good whatever, just go for it.


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Hi Madmumto4.. i started in september and lost 12lb in my first wk. My weigh loss has been really slow over the last month due to a few health issues and i put on over xmas... The average weightloss in a month on cd is a stone . Good luck on your new journey... I see you are a mum of 4 ...me too.. 3 boys and a girl and .. youngest are twins of 11. x


must lose twinny belly :)
Thanks guys
I have a set of twins too :) there 3 in may plus a 4 yr old and a 10 all girlies lol xxxx


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I also have twins- theyre 2 and 3 other kids 5,10 & 11 x ive just completed my 1st week and have lost a mental 18lbs!!!! Ive gone from 15.11 to 14.7, tho i did eat alot over xmas n only started 27th so i probably weighed myself and was full of food lol


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I lost 5.5lbs in week one. Not sure why it was on the low side, but my losses didn't dip for a few weeks after that, so mostly I made up for it.

You never can tell - but it's worth knowing that most of the week one loss is glycogen and water - and that should you come off the diet it all has to go back on. True weight loss is mostly from week two onwards.


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I lost 9 lbs on week one but everyone is different good luck on Cambridge brilliant diet

Mrs Taurus

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Morning all, first time I lost 11lb in 1st week and again when I re-started last January, other re-starts didn't last a week or I was cheating a lot.
Anyway here I am back again, but in a good place and finally losing weight to be kind to myself and my body, not because I think losing weight is the answer to all my problems.
Infact, ironically I am happiest I have been since my mum died(November 2007) and my husband finally acknowledged his faults and apologised for his lack of emotional support and appears to be a changed man....yet I am my heaviest ever by 1 pound!!
I had a great course of cbt on the NHs, then some private hypnotherapy(originally intended for weight loss) for self-esteem, both have made a considerable difference to my life......so it appears my head and marriage are once again in order.....no more excuses!!!!

Plus am off to Tenerife in 5 and a half weeks and need to be in clothes I had for summer holiday and fit in plane seat comfortably.

Am hoping for an 11lb loss again this week, but would love a stone!!!!! I have 6st 10 to lose to reach my target of BMI 24/25.

Mrs T x


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I lost 6lbs on my first go round. Lost a stone in the first month but then stopped...I have started again today and the hunger pains are kicking in but if I want another baby this weight has got to go!!!Good luck x
Mu first ever go I lost 18lb! Iv lost 7 lb atm and I'm on day 3, x


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I lost 6lb in my first week when I first did the diet. Day 1 today so will hopefully do as well this time. As long as u stick to it u will be in for a good loss. Good luck all

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my usual 1st week losses are about 10lb on ss when i'm 100%.