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Losses slowing down?

Have you seen the "My fishy week" thread? Do a search for it :)


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have you tried doing a super speed week? I think theres a thread about this on the board that will help you, you should ask your consultant too. Also have you done any extra excercise? This can give you a boost:) sorry im not much help! xxx
Have you seen the "My fishy week" thread? Do a search for it :)
I tried fishy week once, but it was torture haha, I'm not a huge fish fan :)
It's normal for your losses to slow down to around 1-2 lbs a week, SW say this is the amount you should expect to lose per week. Health experts also recommend this is an ideal weekly loss amount so your body can adjust to weight loss, if you lose too quickly issues like saggy skin can become more of a problem! SW is not a quick fix, it's meant to be a healthy plan for life.

As mentioned yesterday, we didn't put the weight on overnight so can't expect to lose it that way either!
Maybe you are eating too much fruit and not enough free food? It's all about balancing it out.
My meals are free and superfree, I snack on superfree :)
To be honest I snack through boredom more than hunger. I've just downloaded a Davina workout dvd so will be doing that too (or trying) and see if that helps a bit lol x
Try eating vegetables instead of fruit as snacks. Cherry tomatoes, celery sticks, carrots, cucumber, little gem lettuce - that sort of thing.

Eating fruit is good - but not "constantly".

If you are eating through boredom, find something else to do!
Fruit is also superfree though?


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Yes but fruit is also high in sugars and has a calorific value - as suggested before if you must munch switch to veg as it usually requires the body to burn more calories digesting them than what they actually contain :)
Ahh thank you!


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My mum stuck for a couple of weeks and when she spoke to her consultant she was asked if she ate fruit because she was hungry or because she liked it. She said "because she liked it" and that was the problem - you're supposed to snack because you're hungry. She cut down on the fruit a bit and the weight started dropping off again


Just doing it this time
do you vary your meals - I was averaging about 1.5lb's a week and had a varied week last week - ate stuff I didn't normally eat - ate lots of raspberries too - and lost 2.5lb's?
I haven't been varying as much as I used to, but have planned meals for next week (starting tomorrow) so will see how it goes x

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