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lost 2st but havn't dropped a dress size!!

S: 17st8lb G: 13st0lb
Hi all

Ive been on the atkins induction for just over a month and Ive lose 2 stone Which is great:) but the problem is I haven't dropped a dress size.:mad: Everyone can clearly see that Ive lost weight but when it comes to trying on clothes there is only a little difference.:confused: I've got only one more stone to lose and I was expecting that by losing 3 stone I would have dropped at least 2 dress sizes.:sigh:

Someone please explain what is going on. My sister seems to think its because ihaven't done any exercise during the 6 weeks. Is this true? :confused::confused::confused:
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Aww I am sorry!

It may be because you have not done any exercising. I personally would have thought it to be that. On Induction you tend to lose alot of fluid and not so much fat, You never know this last stone may be the way to a 2 dress size drop!

Congratulations on your loss so far, 2 stone in a month is great! :) Don't give up!


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Well done on your 2 stone loss! Myabe you have lost the weight off just your top or bottom half. I know the first thing to go on me is stomach and then boobs and the very very last is my things and bum.
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How strange, I have no explanation for that at all Rose?
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This happened to me aswell!
i lost a stone and half and still looked the same.. apart from my face.
then scale didnt move at all.. suddently the weight loss slowed down and the inches went.. Well not according to my tape measure but according to my clothes!

hang in there every BODY is diff!
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I have lost 2 stone and have only gone down 1 dress size.... am hoping my final half a stone will take me to the next size....just hang in there and keep on doing what you're good at doing!


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C: 11st3lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 25.3
It annoys me when you see programmes on tv and people lose half a stone and drop 2 dress sizes - yeah right!!!
When someone who is a size 10 to start with loses half a stone she can easily end up size 8. Less body fat to begin with means a much more noticeable (and measureable) loss. When someone who is size 20, say, loses half a stone, it barely registers, visually, but she can feel it.

They say that we lose water in the first week or maybe two of any diet, and that we next lose the fat that surrounds our internal organs (of which there is LOTS and it looks very scary when you see it on tv documentaries). The more surplus fat we have, the more we will store internally as well as on our hips, tums, thighs, etc.

Hang on in there. That weight loss is coming from somewhere and it might just be from your innards! If so it's wonderful. You WILL drop a dress size soon if you stick with it. Two stones in one month is an amazingly fast rate of loss!

Good luck.
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Good article there Caz.
S: 17st8lb G: 13st0lb
Thanks for all ur support! I will defo try and lose that last stone and hope there's a dramatic change or drop in dress sizes. Started going to the gym and doing a lot of cardio and weights so that might help. Good luck to the rest of you, your all doing well! Dnt give up!!!!!!
S: 17st8lb G: 13st0lb
Oh dat article is quite good, interesting and answers a lot of questions. A must read! Thanks Caz XXX