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Lost 48lbs, since starting

Hi, lost 48lbs since starting in Feb, gone abit slow, as I have arthritis.

My problem is my tummy is still big and I am still in size 20/22 bottoms, the legs look lose, but it's because of the tummy that I need the bigger size for.

I have gone now in my top size, which is great and I'm now in the 12 stone'ers (Only just), Was in the 16's when I started.

Anyway can anyone help, with ways I can get my tummy to tone more.
I cant do running or any thing like that because of my arthritis and cant do swimming at the moment.
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hey and well done on your journey so far:)

I do 'twists' where you stand with your arms holding onto a pole (brush style one;)) then keeping every where else still twist side to side, it really helps. As for lower tum, only crunches work for me, would love to here what everyone else does

I used to do this when I was young and did boxing:p
Wow, you are doing so well. I carry alot round my tum too. I dont think there are any exercises/ways to take fat off just tum area ...(just overall weightloss in general which you are doing great with)......just ones to strengthen the muscles underneath. It also sounds like you are restricted exercise wise. I always feel better and firmer round the middle with some medium control full briefs. Not the kind that you have to struggle into like an old fashioned girdle....just ones with a control panel......they help me feel less flabby!!. They might help you while you are working on the rest of your weightloss. Best wishes
Well done so far xx

My CDC told me last week that the tummy area is always last to go from women as we are built to hold it there (kids etc..) However, weightloss goes from head, shoulders, back, legs, tummy then back to head.
This is happening with me at the moment, a size 18 is very loose in the legs but i cant quite fasten the zip!

It has to come off otherwise anybody who has ever lost a good amount of weight would be walking around looking like a melon stuck in a hose pipe!

Patience is the key, and another good tip is to squeeze-in your tummy and bum muscles as often as you can to stimulate them to work harder. I do this when im in the car and squeeze in to the rhythm of the music on the radio, or when im outside having a fag!
It helps a lot...and my hubby has noticed my butt getting tighter!
It has to come off otherwise anybody who has ever lost a good amount of weight would be walking around looking like a melon stuck in a hose pipe!
LOL:8855:Fantastic image:D

I'm sort of hoping that since the extra weight I'm carrying seems to have gone on quite evenly, all over my body, that it will come off evenly too;)
Thank you...

Thanks, everyone, will try abit of all of them.
Had my WI this morning and loss another 4lbs, which is good, but could not do it 100% last week as had a bad arthritis attack, but back on it now.