lost all motivation


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Hey all.

Ive had an awful, awful week. My daughter and i have both been ill, ive done no shopping and have no food plan. Ive eaten toast, biscuits, had wine...god i feel such a mess this week. I know weigh in tomoro is going to be pants.

I need a big kick up the bum!!! :(
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Aww come on Glittermama. You've only just begun and already having self-doubts?

I think just from the lines you've wrote you need to have a plan - and write it all out, make a weeks plan, plan all meals for you and family and shop accordingly.

As you have just started, it looks like it may be just a false-start - cold feet almost.

Take a deep breath, figure out your plan of action and write it all down.

Good luck!



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Don't give up! It might not be as bad as you think. Go to WI tomorrow and no matter what those scales say start fresh on Thursday. It's easy to loose motivation when you're not feeling well. Make a plan now. You can do it :)