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lost motavation


Starting Again!
Well it depends, tell us what you're doing and we'll see if we can help.
For eg, what plan are you on, what free foods do you have, how many a's/b's and what they are are how many syns and do you exercise and we'll try and help xxx


Slow but sure....
Maybe if you started to write your food in the daily Dairy Thread it would help, there would be lot's of people looking in and they will be able to advise you as to what if anything you may be doing wrong, also I think it helps to write everything down, please don't give up on your diet as you have already lost some weight, that would be such a shame.


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Good advice from the last posts. NOW! Are you sure you have been following the plan? I used to turn up to class and huff and puff when others said they'd been to McDonalds and had pizza's etc and still lost weight. In actual fact, I had been following the plan from Mon-Thurs and then having more than I should at weekends, pretending a little of this and that wouldn't matter , but it did! Now I am doing things properly, the weight is rolling off! The blip last week was a surfeit of gin!
It's quite hard at first to get your head round the plan, (tho EE is the simplest to follow) It's quite easy to make mistakes, and this is where posting a diary will help. No one is going to judge you Huney We're all here to help. Many of us cob up! Alot of us have been in denial at one stage or another , all we want to do is help.
Are you attending class or trying to go it alone? Are you eating enough? It's possible to cut back too far so your body hangs on to what it's got. Do you drink enough water? Do you eat the same things each week? There are lots of questions, but we can't give you any help without more info. Please either post a diary on the diary thread, or put a days eating on here. We'd love to help you. xx
Firstly you have lost 7lbs so well done, just weigh off 7lb of flour and see how much that looks like. Now you need to get back to basics complete a day to day diary. Keep to your set syns around 10 to 12 per day. You need to weigh everything that is not free and you need to be strict with everything ie sauces, gravy, etc. Remember "the "that be about right" way of thinking for example filling a bowl with A & B foods saying " thats about right" weigh and measure it all.
The other thing is drink 1.5 to 2 lts of water every day.... without fail.
Eat regular fibre and vegs as part of your healthy options.

Hows that for starters ?

God luck you won't need it if you stick to it, and of course experiment with lots of differnent foods and enjoy !!.

Oh forgot !.... you may need to consider if you lose more on red or green, once then you can look at perhaps EE plan.

Phil x
thanx guys, some great ideas in there...... after a little thought i realised hat NO im not sticking to it .... i dont weigh my food n yes ive been mixing my days up!!!.......the food diary seems to be a great n once ive sussed how to use it ill be doing that,

so THANX for ur ideas n words of support n i hope u will check in on me lol n help me along,im now 100% on the pln n im also going to drink more water so im looking forward to tue morning to see how it goes...ill let u all know xxxxxxxxxxxx
i got here a bit late to give you any advise to your plan, and the others have done a fab job on putting you on the straight and narrow, and you seem to be a bit happier with it all now..

but i wanted to just give you a massive *hug* and say that, despite having lost 7 pounds, which clearly you are a little dissapointed over, that you should be so very proud of yourself for sticking to it.. if you have that sort of motivation and drive, and determination already in you, then your half way there. I have no doubt that you will be dropping pounds like no tomorrow now you see the light hehe.

LOts of love xxxxxxxxxxxxxx


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well done! that's fab news! :D