lost my booklet, ss+amounts

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  1. emma&alex

    emma&alex Full Member

    hiya, just wondering what the amounts of chicken, cottage cheese, tuna and quorn are on ss+. i can't find my booklet anywhere and my cdc has been uncontactable for 2 days.
    also, if i did go over the amount of chicken etc would it make a huge difference? i know everyones different and you cant properly say, but i had quite a bit of chicken yesterday as picked at it throughout the day, got a belated wi tomorrow, and im dreading it as i came off the diet to drink over the weekend :( and now im struggling to get back on it, its my 4th day and still not in ketosis. i did plan to do sole source, and managed it for the first 2 days but yesterday and today had some chicken.
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  3. julesrush

    julesrush Norwich CDC

    choose from:
    120g chicken or turkey breast without skin
    190g cod, haddock, or other white fish
    250g steamed tofu
    200g quorn
    180g tuna (in water)
    225g cottage cheese (reduced fat)

    2 tablespoons of:
    lettuce ( all kinds)

    Can also use calorie free dressings and seasonings to spice it up abit.

    cdc norwich
  4. emma&alex

    emma&alex Full Member

    thank you xx

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