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lost9lbs week 1 then ate for england now starting bk on ss as put on 3lbs!

hi all, well i did cb ss for 1 week and lost 9lbs then that same day i started eating and eating infact iv never ate so much on mothering sunday i had 2 dinners yup 2 big dinners +snaks and iv been drinking wine crisps chocolate,

and well i feel like crap! i stomach is so blowted i feel sick and so dissappionted in my self,
i went for a wi 2day and iv put on 3lbs but but put on a inch on my bust and waist.

im starting bk on the cb,ss 2morro and im going to stick to it u will all be hearing from me everyday cos u peeps are the only thing that kept me going my first week so will be needing ur support plz,

if any of u are thinking of giving up or cheating DONT DO IT u will feel terrible and hate urseft the guilt and dissappointment u get for urseft is much worse then food cravings and slite hunger,
im guna work so hard now promis :D
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Hi Stacey, Its a lesson we have all learnt, the yukky and guilt feeling the next day is just not worth it.
Keep focused, and you say keep posting on here, as it really helps xx
hi cicerone, ye i did feel yukky the next day but because i felt so bad i kept eating for a week so feel really really bad but ye starting bk in moring and will keep u posted on how im doin. i can and will complete this diet x


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Morning, i hope you are feeling better today? It is a crap feeling isnt it? But dont worry we all fall off the wagon even with the best intentions, wishing you all the best on your weight loss, it wont take long x :)
i know how you feel, days 7 and 8 i fell off the wagon, but im back on 100% now, and just trying to stay positive.

from sharing a flat with 2 naturally skinny girls i noticed they sometimes have a blow out but then dont go on to give themselves licence to do it all week, they just get on with healthy eating the next day, and go to the gym and they dont feel guilty about it. i know for me im addicted to over eating and have to get out of the mindset of it, and if i do have a blow out to not become trapped in a circle where i feel guilty and then eat more, i just need to pick myself up and get right back on with it!

good luck x
Hi there. I have done exactly the same thing as you! I got weighed last Thursday and i lost a massive 19lbs, and this week i have eaten every day! I am so angry and annoyed at myself, and dreading WI tonight!!

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