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Lots of people getting married


big bear

A bear on a mission!
I love weddings too....I've no weddings to go to this year at all. The year we got married (2 yrs ago) we have 4 other weddings to attend.

Ok Elle & Leapfrog where's our invites? lol X


Champion actifryer
That's lovely Sue, thank you. We won't be walking down any aisles though, as it's a civil ceremony at the mairie, which suits me just fine, being an atheist. You are all invited to attend (virtually) :D


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I love a wedding. I think maybe it seems so popular around the forum is probably because so many people want to lose weight before their big day. Good luck to you all. One day, It'll be me :)


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Wish it was mine again this year! I loved every minute of it last June! X
When i get to target we are going to renew our wedding vows so we have thin & fat wedding photos :) prob won't be for another 5 years though! You are all welcome if you can get to Jamaica!
I wanna get married too, and am using it to aid my weight loss. Me and my OH decided that when I get down to a comfortable weight, we are going to book a date, which will then give me the rest of the time to get to target. Fingers crossed it works lol xx


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I dont think i am going to get to target, but i would love to lose 6 stone by my big day.

I think i am going to do it. I have a plan of action i need to activate though! hehe!

Thanks for the lovely post Sue! xxxx

And i am not walking down an aisle.....but i am walking down an Autumn Garden, towards a summer house, where my hubby to be will be waiting to say I DO!!!! (fingers crossed!)

It looks like this in Autumn (thats the kissing bridge!!!).....

I cant wait!!! here is the garden path i have to walk down too...

It looks a fabulous venue Elle

What a beautiful place. The perfect backdrop for a beautiful bride All brides are beautiful.
Oh that looks amazing, so wonderful, I hope the day is dry & 'very autumn' iykwim. Will you post photos afterwards:D

Crikey how old do I feel now, I'm in the process of arranging our 25 anniversary party next year:eek:, obviously I was still at school when I got married:rolleyes: BTW you are all welcome to come, the more the merrier.

sweet pink

is losing for shoes
What a stunning venue Ellebear!!!

Mrs V

Loves Life!
Aww I love a good wedding too!! I got married 6 years ago in October in Cyprus and it was wonderful. My dad who is petrified of flying walked me down the aisle and thankfully the church was air-conditioned!! I was 3 stone heavier than I am now and when I tried my dress on recently it swamps me!!!
What better incentive do you need to loose weight and stick to plan than a wedding?? Lovely!!


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yeah course will post some pics once i get them back!!! :) the venue itself is very modern and pretty too - !!! eeek! xxx 79 days to go! x

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