Lots of weight around my stomach


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Hiya, i have lots of weight around my stomach :( im pretty slim everywhere else but its really getting me down, look like im 5 months pregnant! my sons 7 years old and its been this way since. :cry:

I go to the gym 3x aweek plus walk lots and im counting my calories, is their anyway to try to lose it off my tummy through different exercises apart from situps which im already doing or any foods i can eat which may help?

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From what I've read and know, the best is to do exercises like jogging, dancing, and swimming. Also, working out before you've eaten something in the morning burns your stored fat automatically instead of the calories you've consumed. Toning is also important so things such as sit-ups, weights and even pilates can help with that too.

I'm on day 18 of my diet and I've been jogging for 30 mins/3 times a week and I've already lost 2 1/2 inches off my waist so it must be working! Good luck x


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It sounds very much like you need to boost your cardio. It's important to do just as much as you do strength training. See what classes they do at the gym. Classes like water aerobics, body combat/tae bo, spinning, aerobics, bootcamps, and dance will raise your heart rate enough and boost fat loss. You can also get DVDs for home use. Running, swimming, and cycling can also help. You could also look at your walking routine and see where you could increase things. For example, add a fast walk uphill, aim to complete your route in less time, etc. :)


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the way i see it is that if you do lots of stomach exercises such as sit ups you are only getting your stomach muscles tightened . You need to work on loosing the fat . Its like i do lots of exercises for my abs n stuff but its like having a dovet over a sheet of plastic . the plastic is there n durable but you just need to get rid of the duvet .

hope that helps


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It's impossible to target specific areas of fat in your weight-loss. You can target specific muscles to improve through exercise, but fat is stored in, and taken from, the places your body deems appropriate.

If you want to lose the stomach fat, you simply need to work at losing fat in general. Your stats suggest you want to lose about 30lbs, and I can assure you your stomach will be part of that.

Keep working at losing weight, and the stomach will go along with the rest.

Jonny B

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As the people above have said you can't target a particular area to lose fat from.

As a general rule though the last place you put fat on will be the first place you lose it from. So if your tummy was the first place you put weight on originally unfortunately it will be the last place to lose it. On the plus side my man boobs should be the first thing to disappear for me :p


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Like Crazybrit and Jonnyb have said you can't target the areas you will lose weight from. I want to lose from my hips and legs but I know it'll come from there in the last stone ( I know from the last time I dieted). On the upside if you are slim almost everywhere else it's got to start coming from your stomach if you lose weight.



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On the upside if you are slim almost everywhere else it's got to start coming from your stomach if you lose weight.


I'm hoping this is true as its my main problem too. I've always been a skinny thing, but the extra weight I now have on my belly combined with bloating from ibs has really lowered my confidence


S: 11st10lb C: 10st9lb G: 9st0lb BMI: 22.7 Loss: 1st1lb(9.15%)
Thankyou everyone for all your replies :) i will just persevere with what im doing, all your comments sound spot on, ive dropped 3lb this week which i think has come off my thighs, my clothes feel a little looser there, so i will carry on and hopefully it will start coming off my stomach as i get towards my goal.xxx

thanks again :)