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Lots to lose.......(obvious really, as i'm here! lol)


Addicted to Minimins!
Hello lovely Ladeez & Gents, I'm not new to the minimins forum but am new to the WeMITTS. Having 'just' had a beautiful baby boy on the 23rd of December I'm eager to get back onto some kind of eating plan to shift those unwanted, unsightly bulges that are oozing over the top of my jeans!! :eek: My main problem being right now is that i have 1 pair of jeans & 1 pair of trousers that fit & i can't really stroll around Norwich stark nekkid (well i can but i'd probably set off another super sickness bug :jelous:)!
After losing all 31lbs of my pregnancy weight in under 2 weeks, my pregnancy clothes are far too big & my non pregnancy clothes are still tight! (having been on a diet to get into said tight clothes when i found out i was preggers :sigh:)
Anyhoo, I can't really follow anything too drastic so soon after giving birth so am just going to be following the trying to be healthy, while being rushed off my feet looking after a 5 year old, a 6 year old & a newborn & having virtually no sleep diet!

Not really sure how thats going to pan out, may have to re-think the dieting plans after a couple of months, but after having a c-section i seem to have lost my appetite anyway (don't know if thats a good or bad thing though :confused:)
Need to lose about 7 stone to get to target - so heres to a New Year & a New Me.......................
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Addicted to Minimins!
Hey hun, Unfortunately i have milk gland problems & my milk never really comes in - was giving it my all for the first week in the vain hope that this little one would be different from my other two but by Day 8 after birth, still nothing & bubs was losing a LOT of weight. So unfortunately, after a discussion with my midwife he's had to go on formula with the odd breast feed on top (mainly for comfort though).
Am completely gutted as i really hoped my milk would come through.
Hi Rayven, nice to meet you and so glad to see you've joined us! Firstly, I wanna say 'Congratulations' on your newborn :) I have an 11 month old little boy and I still breastfeed once or twice a day (call it comfort feeds really!) I have suffered from lack of sleep, well, since he was born! My little one is a bad sleeper no matter what we do, he tetches and fusses alot and often decides to be up at 5am. Hence hubby and I are suffering quite a bit, and that's with having just ONE little one around. I can't imagine how you cope with three little ones! If you have any tips up your sleeve please do let me know!!! :)

Best of luck with the diet hun, I have loads to lose too, :( and I hope to chat to you more on these boards!


Addicted to Minimins!
I can't imagine how you cope with three little ones! If you have any tips up your sleeve please do let me know!!! :)

I don't think i am coping! *pulls hair out* lol

I'm trying to be super organised, but little Oliver (2 weeks old) is turning out to be somewhat of a night baby which isn't helping. He was the same when i was pregnant though, i wouldn't feel him all day and then right on cue at about 9pm he'd wake up and be up until about 2am - unfortunately that hasn't changed much since he came out! :sigh: He'll settle brilliantly during the day, feed, change, burp......down in his moses basket and off to sleep - night time and its feed, change, burp, be sick, burp, cry, want cuddles, cry, feed, change again, want cuddles, doze on Mummys chest, until about half five and then he'll 'finally' go in his moses basket & get some proper sleep! I'm hoping he'll grow out of it - but I'm not holding out for that happening in the foreseeable future! :(

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