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  1. Lou7477

    Lou7477 Member

    Hi everyone

    I've started taking Orlistat last week. I'd piled on over 1 and a half stone in 3 months when my doctors upped my anti depressant dosage. Since then, we've changed my tablets and I've just got heavier. After much arguing with the very slim doctor, she prescribed me Orlistat. I have lost 4lbs so far which is fab. I had a chinese over the weekend and my god did I suffer for it! The side effects of eating too much fat are pretty nasty aren't they!!

    So, after a pretty sh**ty weekend (literally!!) I'm now focused on this 100%, do NOT want a repeat episode.

    So, I've been told no more than 30g of fat a day. No more than 15g in each meal. Is this right?

    I'd love to hear from anyone else who is using the same stuff. All advice gratefully received :D
    Louisa x
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  3. Hmmmm

    Hmmmm Full Member

    Hi Louisa,

    As you found out you definitely don't want to be eating Chinese!!!

    I took them about 18 months ago - for about 6 months, then went it alone.. In managed to loose half my body weight but have put about 18lbs back on in the last 8 months - so even when you get there it is a life long change! I am not sure how much they contribute to weight loss but they do make you stay focussed and keep you on track.

    Generally I ate nothing over 5% fat (less than 5grms in 100grms) and calorie counted using my fitness pal. (I am MLP533 if you want to add) - I didn't have any side effects as I was too scared to deviate. As you get used to it up your exercise and you'll be fine.

    Good luck xx
  4. Lou7477

    Lou7477 Member

    Oh god, no more Chinese for me lol!
    I started using MFP again to try and monitor the fat intake so I'll add you on it.
    I am getting better at avoiding anything that might provoke side effects now :)
  5. Lexie2005

    Lexie2005 5:2 lover

    Hi there

    Same as hmmm I took it for 4 months which was enough to get me in to eating the right things. I've lost 7.5 stone (I gained a stone back but have recently shifted it again) it's not a miracle drug but if you stick to the rules there will be no more Mr Tango xx

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