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Louise's Diary!

Discussion in 'Slimming World - Food Diaries' started by Fluffygirl, 27 November 2009 Social URL.

  1. Fluffygirl

    Fluffygirl Full Member

    So after having a read through lots of peoples diaries, I thought I would start my own! Please excuse me if I ramble on a bit - its nice to be able to let it all out! :p

    So a bit about me, I am a married mum of one very nearly 5 year old boy (he is 5 on 19/12/09), I am 24 and we live in Hertfordshire. I have struggled with my weight mainly for the last 5 years - I never lost my pregnancy weight and I got very bad post natel depression and basically used to eat and eat and eat! I tried several different diets through the years, lighter life, cambridge diet, weight watchers and never really stuck to anything or found one that suited me!

    I have decided that I am actually going to do it this time and loose weight! Mainly because of health reasons - I have developed asthma since my weight gain and it cripples me at times tbh, over the last 2 years I have probably had courses of steriods 20+ times. I also would love to have another child and as I have Poly cystic ovary syndrome the doctors won't help me until I have lost weight and am at a healthy BMI.

    I have been put on reductil by the doctors and at the moment it seems to help, I am also following the slimming world diet and trying to up my exercise to daily.

    I was 19 stone 2lb in June last year, so I lost some weight prior to joining Slimming world on the 11/11/09, when I was 17 stone 12lbs. I lost 5lb in my first week and 2 in my second.

    Thank you for reading, and I will try and update daily to help keep myself on track!

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  3. Fluffygirl

    Fluffygirl Full Member

    Thursday 26/11/09 - Extra Easy

    Breakfast - 2 weetabix HEB,
    175ml Semi skimmed milk
    Drink - Water

    Lunch - Weight watchers Chicken Curry (was in a rush! ) 6 1/2 syns
    Drink - Diet coke

    Dinner - Spaghetti Bolognese (Wholemeal spaghetti, lean mince, chopped tomato, mushrooms, carrot, herbs)
    Drink - Diet coke

    Snacks - Muller light (strawberry), apple, grapes (handfull), Oatabix bar 3 1/2 syns, 2 cups of red bush tea (no milk or sugar).

    Syns for day = 10

    Exercise - Walk to school and back briskly (1 mile) 1 hour Aqua aerobics, 37 mins wii fit.

    Goals for tomorrow - 35mins on wii and up water intake!
  4. sassie

    sassie Full Member

    You sound so focussed and certainly have some good motivation for reaching your goal! Best of luck!
  5. jerricebenton

    jerricebenton Silver Member

    Great food diary :)
  6. Fluffygirl

    Fluffygirl Full Member

    Thanks for your replies! :D

    Friday 27th November - Extra Easy day!

    Breakfast - Banana, Apple and Strawberry muller light yoghurt.
    Drink - Water

    Lunch - Ham and salad sandwich ( 2 slices of wholemeal bread (small size) HEB, ham, tomato, iceburg lettuce, cucumber, sweetcorn and red onion, margarine 1 lvl tsp = 3 syns), Pear.
    Drink - Diet coke

    Dinner - 2 small jacket potatos, 1 can baked beans, small bowl of rocket salad, 100g chicken fajita quorn = 1/2 syn, margarine 1 lvl 1 tsp = 3 syns

    Snacks - oatabix white choc bar = 3 1/2 syns, muller light yoghurt, pear & banana

    Syn total for day = 10 syns

    Exercise = 2 hours in a soft play centre - following a 3 year around! (to do - 35 mins of wii fit)

    Goals for tomorrow = More water! 40 - 60 mins of wii fit. Sign up for the local gym!
  7. Fluffygirl

    Fluffygirl Full Member

    Ok been manic Christmas shopping and working so a quick update !

    Saturday 28th November 2009 -

    A pretty good day for me, had fruit and a muller light for breakfast, a pasta & prawn salad for lunch and a weight watchers chicken curry for dinner - snacks - fruit and a oatabix bar. Syns for day = 12. Exercise = all day shopping! + 30 mins hoovering!

    Sunday 29th November 2009 -

    Had a lay in til 11.00am (omg... my christmas treat I think, I never lay in!) so no breakfast, Lunch was fruit and a muller light, and an oatabix bar. Dinner was a steak with fat cut off, a jacket potato and mushrooms and tomatoes. Syns = 2, Exercise = 5 more hours of shopping, and 1 hour running around at a kids party!

    Monday 30th November 2009 -

    Breakfast - fruit and a muller light, Lunch - jacket potato and baked beans, 28g of cheese. Dinner - Beef cassorole, with onions, mushrooms and jacket potato. Syns - 8.5, Exercise - 3 hours running around a soft play with kids, shopping, hoovering.

    Tuesday 1st December 2009 -

    Breakfast - Alpen light bar, Lunch - Jacket potato with no fat cottage cheese, Dinner - pasta with ham and mushrooms. Syns - 6, Exercise - 45 mins on Wii fit 290kcals burnt!

    Weigh in is tomorrow, so fingers crossed! Should have another good day tomorrow, and need to fit in my exercise on the wii fit after group!
  8. Fluffygirl

    Fluffygirl Full Member

    Wednesday 2nd December 2009 -

    Breakfast - Banana, muller yoghurt and water

    Lunch - Jacket potato with no fat cottage cheese and a apple

    Dinner - Asda Good for you Ham and Mushroom Tagliatelle
    4.5 syns

    Snack - Oatabix bar (HEB) and a pear

    Syns - 4.5

    Today went really well, although didn't do any actual exercise (power walked to school and back (15 mins) and lots of walking around supermarkets and picking up babies, so need to make sure I do my wii fit tomorrow if I don't make it to Aquafit.

    Had a great result at WI though - 4.5 pound loss! :D I am so thrilled! Takes my weightloss to 11.5lb in 3 weeks.


  9. Fluffygirl

    Fluffygirl Full Member

    Thursday 3rd December 2009-

    Breakfast - Muller light yoghurt and a banana

    Lunch - Jacket potato and a tin of spaghetti hoops

    Dinner - Chinese takeaway :(

    Snacks - Oatabix (HEB), satsumas and apple

    Syns - Loads from takeaway :(

    Exercise - Walk to school and back

    Really disappointed that I had a chinese takeaway today, I was doing so well and didn't really want it tbh, but as everyone else was having it I gave in. Annoyed in myself!
  10. Sorus

    Sorus Going for it.

    Hello Fluffygirl

    We started SW at roughly the same time. You're doing so well!! I love reading other people's food diaries - they inspire me - so thank you for posting yours.

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