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Lou's Daily Diary

Im new here! but not new the weight watchers, in 2008 I lost 3 stone, in 2009 I got married, then easter happened :( then my 30th birthday :(, then christmas :( and new year :( and somehow ive put over a stone back on! Im bigger than most at 20st 9lb so have a long journey, but I will do it this time!!:D

Breakfast: Boiled egg & toast = 3.5 points
Lunch: Ham & tomato sandwhich = 4 points
Dinner: Kids pizza & potato wedges = 8 points
Dessert: WW chocolate sponge & custard = 4 points
Snacks: Orange, apple, 3 teas, crisps = 5.5 points

4 Points saved
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Breakfast: 2 toast, tea, satsuma = 4.5 points
Lunch: Tomato soup, 2 bread & spread = 6 points
Dinner: Ham pizza and wedges = 10 points
Snacks: Walkers baked, satsuma, apple, tea, ww sponge and custard = 8.5 points
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Breakfast: Tea and fruit = 2 points
Lunch: 2 Toast & scrambled egg with ham & tomato = 7 points
Dinner: Asda Chicken peppercorn sauce meal with WW garlic bread = 9.5 points
Snacks: WW dessert, crisps, cream soda, satsumas, ham sandwhich = 10 points :/
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Breakfast: 3 toast, tea, satsumas = 6 points
Lunch: 2 ham salad sandwhichs, crisps, rice crispie bar = 9 points
Dinner: Asda chicken tikka = 6.5 points
Pud: Angel delight = 2.5 points
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Breakfast: crumpets with spread, coffee = 7 points
Lunch: ate out* and cost me = 11.5 points (no more CAKE!):eek:

10.5 left
Congratulations, 3lbs is a great start to your weight loss, doesn't matter what you weigh we are all trying to lose weight. you should make yourself the zero points soup it is a great help for when you get really hungry. good luck your are doing great.
thanks :) im happy, and looking forward to weigh in tomorrow, ive been very good so hoping for a loss!
Thanks, ive not been keeping up with the online diary as I keep forgetting, but I am keeping a spreadsheet which i found on my pc, you put in the calories and sat fat for each meal and it adds them up for each day, and then week so is really helpful.
I did weigh in yesterday and lost another 3lb woohoo, so heres to next week and fingers crossed another loss!! Hope your doing well too.
Decided to mix low GI with points to see how I go.

Breakfast: Shredded wheat with ss milk, tea and banana. (5.5points)

Lunch: Ham sandwich with allison wholemeal, satsuma, tea and 20g mixed seeds (7.5 points)

Dinner: Prawn n vegetable stirfry with noodles (8.5 points)

Snacks: satsumas (.5)

Also had banana and LF custard with cinnamon (4.5)

26.5 used
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Not looking forward to WI tomorrow, somehow I feel like ive eaton too much, feel very bloated I did have a sneak on the scales the other day (why do we do it?) and noticed a 1/2lb gain :sigh: but it was afternoon and I usually weigh in 1st thing in the morning, so could explain a slight difference but we will see tomorrow.
well weigh in today and I stayed the same but has been totm so im putting it down to that.
Had a 4 hour powercut this morning so kinda limited my breakfast

B. Banana, 2 satsumas, mixed seeds = 3.5 points

L. Beans on wholemeal toast, small piece chocolate = 9 points


Getting married July 2011
Staying the same at TOTM when you were felling bloated is fine. If u hadn't been dieting u cud weigh a couple of lbs heavier this week. Bet you'll have a double loss next week! :D
fingers crossed, feel like its taking ages to come off and I want to get down to about 16 stone asap, so that I can TTC been trying on and off now for years and because of my weight and PCOS its been hard, but the last few weeks im right clued up now with what im doing, going to try loose 10% while doing points and Low GI foods (and take A-Z vitamins) and then try again. normally my weight dont bother me too much, its just when it starts having an effect on my life that I realise I have to do something, and sooner rather than later!! Hows your weightloss coming along? I see your getting married next year too congratulations :) I was married last march.

for dinner tonight im having Cod in parsley butter sauce, a baked sweet potato and cabbage and carrots = 10.5 points (who would have thought sweet potato would be 5 points, it does weigh 295g though)


Getting married July 2011
You seem really clued in! I'm trying not to over burden myself, I am not one of those people who rises to the challenge, when things get on top of me I hit the self destruct button. I'm gonna give myself a few weeks of literally sticking to my points ( and eat enough protein, veg n fruit) and then I'll look into the low GL thing again.

Is TTC trying to conceive? That's my reason for dieting, the wedding is actually just incidental. I'm only 23, and like you I've got PCOS but I've never got TOTMs except for 6 months on LT and randomly the last 3 months (trying desperately to contain my hope and excitement). Fertility and starting a family young has always been to the forefront of my mind. I usually gave new bfs a trial by fire because I needed to weed out those commitment phobes in the first few days and not waste any time. I met my fiance over 3 years ago, moved in together 8 months later and when I told him in November that I wanted a baby asap, he said "Grand" but his conditions were that 1) we got married first, 2)that I didn't risk my health or the baby's by being an unhealthy weight during my pregnancy and 3) we lived life as much as we could in the meantime. He then asked me to marry him a couple of weeks later. So I'll be married just after my 25th birthday and hopefully will be holding my first child by my 27th! :fingerscrossed:

Are you trying at the moment or waiting until closer to ur goal weight?
Have u been to see ur PCOS doctor recently? The last time I was at mine, I was 4 stone lighter and she strongly advised me not to try until I was lighter! *sigh*

Love Guen
Last time i saw a dr about my pcos was about 2 years ago, since then ive been up and down with my weight and am about the same weight i was 2 years ago which is pretty upsetting considering that I did get down to 19st 2lb just before my wedding last year. I was told to get my BMI to around somewhere in the 30's before they doctors would help my try for a baby again, (have previously had clomid which didnt do anything for me) they said they would put me back on clomid after I lost the weight. But the thing that is really getting to me at the moment is that i have 2 friends (both weigh around 20 stone or more) and they are both pregnant! and were told that being overweight didnt mean you couldnt be pregnant! I know I have the added problem of PCOS but it just seems like sometimes its so unfair. Me and my husband have been together over 9 years now and been trying for about 7 years on and off, I turned 30 in december so am really starting to get paranoid that it wont happen at all!
Although im trying to think positive, im seem to be having more totm's now since shifting some weight (my heaviest was 23stone) there not quite regular but at least im having them!! sometimes I would go without one for 8 months or so. Ive been reading up on what things help increase fertility in myself and hubby, and have bought a home testing kit to check if we are both fertile before we go any further. I do aim to loose as much weight as possible before we do try and am hoping to start trying in May.
Ive just ordered a book from ebay called the low GI guide to managing PCOS so will be reading into all that when it arrives.
If you have MSN or want to message me feel free, my email addy is [email protected]
B: 2 (dry fried) eggs on toast (wholemeal) with mushrooms. Handful of seeds and satsumas = 8 points

breakfast was more of brunch so had no lunch but early tea,

D: Wholewheat pasta, tuna and veggie bake (2 portions) = 8 points

cant remember what else i have ate although mostly picking, satsumas, bananas, seeds, couple choc buttons = 7 points

have about 6 points left and very tempted to have a snicker, but its 11:45pm!!
Going to try resist
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Lost another 3lb last week :) and feeling great low GI must be working.

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