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lou's journey to slimdom!!!


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right here goes, i have kept a journal on the slimming worls website for a few weeks but think its time i went public so i can get different points of view about where i could be going wrong!!!

i first started slimming world back in september 2008. i had been trying for a baby since me and my husband got married in 2006 and couldnt gert pregnant then when i did in 2007 i was overjoyed but unfortunately i suffered a miscarriage and discovered i had mild pcos, i gained around a stone at this point but a holiday in june 2008 spurred me on to join the gym and i lost a bit, i was around 140 pounds. once we got back off our holiday i started to get down about not getting pregnant and found comfort in food, i also started work at a takeaway and could eat as much as i wanted as often as i wanted which was lethal. i quickly gained over a stone and the weight kept rising. i tried dieting on my own and lost a little bit but couldnt stick to it so come september i had had enough, i called to find out where my nearest s.w. group was and joined. i weighed 11 stone 1 and a half and set my goal at 8 and a half stone. i lost 3 pounds my first week but i averaged out at a pound a week and by december i was 10 stone 4. i was fitting into a size 12 and was over joyed! i began to feel ill through december and the day before christmas eve i did a pregnancy test and to my utter shock it was positive!!! i know it was the healthy eating and loss of weight that made me concieve as pcos is linked with insulin levels (or something like that). i was determined to continue going to my group but on christmas eve i began to bleed. i had to go for several scans at the beginning as they couldnt find a heart beat then there was a clot in there so needed to keep an eye on me. i was having what they call a threatened miscarriage. i rested for the first 12 weeks until i had my all clear scan. by this point i had crept up to 11 and a half stone. i didnt see the point in going to group as i didnt care about the weight gain i was just pleased to be having our baby. my 11 year old son connor (from previous relationship) was over joyed to be having a brother or sister and this was a happy time. my pregnancy however was marred with high blood pressure, spd then to top it all off at 34 weeks pregnant i had gone for a meal with friends and slipped and pulled all the ligaments in my back and pelvis, i was on crutches then a wheelchair, i began to rapidly gain weight. the last point i got weighed i was around 37 weeks pregnant and weighed 14 and a half stone! more than my husband who is 6 foot 5!! mortified wasnt the word, but i wasnt too bothered as long as my baby girl arrived safe. i was induced on 7th september and she arrived the next day weighing 8 pounds 8 (not quite the 12 pound baby i was sure i was carrying) and i was over the moon, so was my husband and son. my weight didnt bother me til she was 4 weeks old and i saw a picture of myself and couldnt believe it was me i was horrified. i cried my eyes out. i joined back at s.w. once ruby was 6 weeks old and weighed 12 stone 7 which was a nice shock as that meant id lost well over 2 stone (admittedly some was baby and water lol). i had good losses and alternated between red and green days but in the november my husband had his hours cut at work so i had to leave weighing 11 stone 11, i tried and tried to follow it at home and did lose a bit but by april i was sick of looking at my old clothes and feeling like a failure so i rejoines again, i weighed in at 11 stone 3 and have been doing extra easy plan for 7 weeks, ive only lost 4 and a half pounds so far so have made the decision to go back to red and green days with today being the first day, feeling so much more optimistic and hopefully at weigh in on thursday morning ill be having a smile on my face instead of the tears i had last week.

sorry if ive prattled on a bit but im new to this and a bit unsure what i was supposed to say so thought it best i start from the beginning! :D
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thanks louise!!! lol

right i am feeling major down about not being able to get back on the wagon this week i just have no control, i keep picking!!! and we all know little pickers wear big knickers!!!:8855:

i am not going to say i will start my diet a frsh tomorrow i am going to say i am going to try my hardest! at the minute im finding it really hard to stick to plan as i have so many things to do and people to see and things going on at home that planning meals is becoming really hard then when i do have time on an evening im so tired that all i wann do is put my feet up. i also have a daughter who doesnt eat much at all so im finding myself picking at her left overs which isnt helping anything especially when i swear ive had a good day but then realise ive actually had loads extra syns grrrr.

i so want to lose weight, but im sabotaging myself and i dont know why cos i know i can stick to it but ive just sort of given up with it all. people are telling me i look good and im fitting in some of my old clothes and i think part of me is scared to lose more, but i dont know why? i am still not happy with how i look and i think im possibly scared that if i lose weight and im still not happy with how i look then where do i go from there? i think this way if i never reach target i can blame my weight for not feeling happy with myself-maybe i should look to why im so unhappy anyway?

wow that was deep!!!!


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not been on here for a while as had a real lot going on but in all the madness ive managed to lose 5 pounds!! im contemplating leaving group as i cant really afford it and have just joined a gym so its one or the other and i do use the gym alot so this is more beneficial than just getting weighed once a week, ill see how i feel tomorrow morning. really hungry today for some reason and ive eaten breakfast which i havent done for a while so dont really know whats going on there!!

going to the gym again tonight im determined to be thin and toned!


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Well done, 5lbs is amazing. I would say don't leave group, i left in march this year thinking i could do it and i ended up putting more on the i'd lost, so i rejoined yesterday. Think sometimes you need the fear on getting on the scales with your group and i find its nice to be out the house for an hour. xx


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Hey, well done on your 5lb loss Conlou and all that going on too, very good and you should be really pleased with yourself for doing that. If you need any extra support, we have a support group on here called "from here to eternally slim" and there is an awesome bunch of lovely ppl on there supporting each other. Feel free to pop over if you like

and good luck with your journey. x


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well im back!!! going to folow on from where i left off. i discovered at the end of last july that i was pregnant again, it was a big shock and i was quite upset at the thought of putting lots of weight on again. as i knew i would i put a good 5 stone on :( but im back at S.W. and from having my daughter to now ive lost 1 stone and 3 pounds but just 9 pounds in group as i lost a bit before i joined iykwim. i weigh 12.11 and have STS the last 3 weeks so am hoping for a loss tomorrow even if its just 1 pound!! had a flexible syn day on saturday as i was at a wedding but i did control myself a bit and have stuck to plan 100% around it so pleased about that. have been giving EE a whirl again but am doing red today and tomorrow to try to boost my chances. im also going to the gym in a minute, i want to give myself the best chance possible to shift this weight. its quite depressing reading back that i weighed less 6 weeks after giving birth to dd1 than i do 13 weeks after giving birth to dd2. so my next mini goal is to get to 12 and a half stone which is what i weighed after having dd1 when i first joined group

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